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Designing outfits

Want to have the best fashion or just have some plan for creating an outfit that’s not just clicking numbers? Here’s hoping this helps- and a few things to remember going forward: SWLOR doesn’t use AC like Vanilla NwN …

2 January 19, 2020
Amons Guide to Getting Started

SWLOR, A beginners guide Hi there, welcome to SWLOR, thigs are a little diff- Okay, yes, I know, okay, stop… Yes, stop screaming. Yes, I know, alright? I KNOW. I’m here to help, so put down the knife and let’s talk …

2 May 1, 2019
Chat, Languages, and How To Speak Them

SWLOR features an intricate chat and language system that merits a written guide. Chat System Most of the chat channels are the same as the base game, with the following exceptions: Shout has been replaced by the Hol…

2 November 14, 2018
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