Awesome week

Thanks to the DMs and you guys for the last few days. I have had some of the best RP and most interesting character interactions I’ve had in recent memory.

I’m hooked and gimme more!
@Iradtoki @Miskol @Terallis @Taelon @Lestat @Lilian @Kendaric @others I run out of autocompletes for!

I thought with so many people playing jedis playing a not a Jedi would kinda suck but you guys kept it pretty interesting and I think really helped my grouchy cyborg grow and flesh out with weird challenges, domestic stuff and things that stretched his values.

I went from him being kind of a scumbag to an actually decent guy to even kind of sometimes caring and protective, borderline heroic.
He may have some retained dislike towards the Jedis… but a certain few being kind toward him gradually eroded the prejudice. And that was pretty fun to play out.

Plus now he’s like a prototype of the clone troopers like a Rex or Cody attitude wise… and there’s no Order 66 in sight for how many thousand years to go still? XD
Looking forward to kicking some Sith butts and continued adventures.

He doesn’t hate them anymore… he kinda came to love ‘em. And went from starting surly to will gladly take orders and direction from them as commanders during stuff that is joint exercises. Must protecc jedis!
Hehehe rock on.


where’a mah praise bish?

ahm just kidding, Zains fun and it’s good to see him grow

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Zain is a very fun character, he tends to get stuck on things sometimes, but it has been fun helping him grow and adapt to the situations as they arise. Honestly my fav rper here…sorry to everyone else! Everyone else though is an extremely close second if it helps!

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Also Auri too.


I was getting screamed at not to be on the computer while typing that so apologies for forgetting to mention a few more people.

You try super hard and go the extra mile to have some extra emotional expressively and interesting interactions on all your characters. It makes many of the encounters with Andro, Nate and Anya pretty memorable.


And more screaming. This is really embarrassing.
“Work all the time! If you ever computer recreationally you will be homeless! I should throw you out of “my house” for being so lazy!, etc.” :roll_eyes:*