Bonnie the Red, A Mariners Revenge

A sharp pain bursts open a strangers eyes. He surveys the immediate area around him to figure out what is going on but all he can see is wreckage and fire lighting the inside of what seems to be a makeshift cove of mangled ships, the remaining fuel keeps the fire a lit. He tries to move when he realizes that only one leg responds. It is at that moment that he can hear someone next to him, talk to him as if she is rehearsing a song.

“We are two mariners, our ship’s sole survivors in this belly of a cave. The ships are ceiling beams, the crew are carpeting, I guess we have some time to kill.”

The man looks over to see her, a fairly young woman with vibrant red hair and blue eyes. Her skin was fair but she looked as if she barely ever slept. This stranger doesn’t stop with her song, continuing on to the confused man.

“You may not remember me, I was a child of three, and you a lad of eighteen. But, I remember you, and I will relate to you how our histories interweave.”

The man starts to process what is being said, for he clearly doesn’t know what she is talking about to him.

“At the time you were a rake and a roustabout, spending all your money on the whores and swoops. You had a charming air, all cheap and debonair, my widowed mother found so sweet. And so she took you in, her sheets still warm with him, now filled with filth and foul disease. As time wore on you proved a debt-ridden drunken mess leaving my mother a poor consumptive wretch. And then you disappeared, your gambling arrears, the only thing you left behind. And then the magistrate reclaimed our small estate, and my poor mother lost her mind. Then, one day in spring my dear sweet mother died. But, before she did I took her hand as she, dying, cried,”

The woman looks away from him as she goes to continue, pulling out a large knife from her side as she speaks again.

“Find him, find him, tie him to a pole and break his fingers to splinters, drag him to a hole until he wakes up naked, clawing at the ceiling of his grave”

She looks back to the man, this time with determination in her eyes that sear into his flesh from a glance.

“It took me fifteen years to swallow all my tears among the urchins in the street. Until a priory took pity and hired me to keep their vestry nice and neat. But, never once in the employ of these holy men did I ever, once turn my mind from the thought of revenge. One night I overheard the prior exchanging words with a penitent navigator from the stars. The captain of his ship, who matched you toe to tip, was known for wanton cruelty. The following day I shipped to space with a privateer. And in the whistle of the engines I could almost hear.”

He takes a breath, his eyes widening from the shock of her tale, but she continues on still.

“Find him, find him, tie him to a pole and break his fingers to splinters, drag him to a hole until he wakes up naked, clawing at the ceiling of his grave”

The woman looks up at the burning wreckage around her, the fires starting to cool in their burn. The light fluctuating with her words.

“And then, this fateful night we had you in our sight after twenty months, it seemed your starboard flank abeam. I was getting my blasters lined when came this rumbling from beneath, the star ship shook, the stars went black and the captain quailed. And before us grew the angry lights of an unknown fleet.”

She quickly looked down to the man, standing up as she continues.

“Don’t know how I survived, the crew all was crushed alive, I must have slipped between the wreck.”

She grins from ear to ear, taking her time to walk towards the man. He couldn’t hide his fear anymore, the lust in her eyes clear as day.

“But, oh, what providence! What divine intelligence! That you should survive as well as me! It gives me great joy to see your eyes fill with fear. Now lean in close and I will whisper the last words you’ll ever hear.”

He tries to crawl away but it is no use, his she is upon him quickly with a hum in her voice. Tears flow from his face as he knew what would come next, she had told him twice already and now, as promised, she would tell him a third.