Character Themes cause why not?

So I started thinking about themes for andro and i came to the conclusion of a few. so i kinda wondered what other people would pick.

Andro’s sad/reflection theme

Unarmed Sparring

The “Why does this happy memory make me cry?” theme

A serious fist fight with zain


Honestly if I had to choose a song for Ira, it would be this one in reflection of her own past.

I mean most of Althea is a quiet self reflection of herself. Something to sort through the many mixed emotions she goes through from her past and present. I don’t really know a song that represents that unease, peace, turmoil and pain then this track, it’s truly something special.

Chinese mysticism is a huge influence for me with star wars in general around the force, as that sort of devotion to an ideal and philosophy they have bleeds so well into how the Jedi view the universe. Because of that most of my time I have a specific suite in mind around the force with Althea, especially with self reflection apon it again.

Though more importantly giving a look back on her past, and present on how she fights I can only really think of one song fitting for her in battle, my final song I can think of at 3:30 am is this. The song I play in my head with her in battle.

I guess I’ll go with Kanye’s cover/remixed version of Daft Punk’s Stronger

for Zain.

I could also see this being more Zains thing @GeneticsLuke

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Here you go Zain @GeneticsLuke

Heh, nice thank you!

Ira and Nate’s theme

The planned outcome for Althea in a nutshell.

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