Eelo Vri'lar


Name: Eelo (Meaning: Fun-loving) Vri’lar (Family name Vri, meaning: Caretakers/Groundskeepers. Clan Affiliation: Ular)

Appearance: Eelo is of average height for a Bothan; which is to say, not very tall. He is wiry, but gaunt, as he often goes for a day or two without eating a decent meal. His clothing is invariably shabby, worn, and covered with the grime of dirt, sweat, and old food stains. His hair is slicked back, his one and only nod to personal grooming. It is also greasy and unwashed. He smells of sour booze, body odor, and too much stim use. While the only thing of value he openly carries is a rulidium pendant, a sharp-eyed observer may get the feeling that he has a lot of things concealed beneath that ratty coat of his (most of which, are probably shitty knives).

Personality: Despite his unpleasant smell and unwholesome appearance, Eelo can be quite clever, witty and persuasive. While agile and a decent shot with a blaster, when faced with imminent, bodily harm, he tends to become a wheedling coward, attempting to beg, borrow, or bluff his way out of a fight. Failing this, he will try to create some sudden distraction and then flee.

Extraordinarily lazy, Eelo will try to get by doing as little work as possible, even if it ultimately proves to his own detriment. He has a rather pernicious stim habit, and much of his time is occupied with chasing his next fix. To this end, he embarks on several cons and cheap business enterprises to pay for his habit. If these schemes fail, he will resort to outright panhandling; Eelo has many weaknesses, but pride is not one of them.

History: Eelo’s family have been the custodians of Bothaui’s most prestigious parks and public buildings for centuries. While not wealthy, they take great pride in their work as the groundskeepers of many Bothan civic centers and gardens.

Eelo, it seems, was not like most of his family- or even very much like other Bothan’s in general. Finding groundskeeping to be a banal chore, he preferred to seek excitement in the free-wheeling clubs and cantinas in the seedier parts of Bothaui’s cities. His relationship with his family was strained, as they were highly scandalized by his blatant laziness and bad behavior. As a result, Eelo spent much of his youth away from home.

From a very early age, the young Bothan dipped his toe into a variety of illegal activities, from gambling, to drug running, to confidence schemes; partly to alleviate his boredom, but also to support his growing stim habit. By his late teens, Eelo had worked for several unsavory individuals as a drug mule or informant, including the Exchange and the Hutt Cartel.

Eventually, he made the very bad mistake of sampling the stims that he was supposed to be selling for the leader of a powerful drug cartel. When he was caught, the cartel sent someone to cut both of Eelo’s feet off. Astonishingly, the Bothan survived this, and had them replaced with shoddy, bionic prosthetics. The feet (and artificial muscles in his calves) allowed him to run at astonishing speeds, but also occasionally detached when he took a sitting position, due to faulty magnetic connectors. Eelo, adaptable as ever, learned employ his feet in a variety of clever cons.

Eventually, Eelo’s bad choices forced him to flee for the remote Colony of Veles, to hide from his enemies, which include a number of very nasty drug dealers and crime bosses, and a handful of disgruntled bookies to whom he owes money (Eelo indulges in the occasional Paazak game, and bets on the pod races; unfortunately, he isn’t very lucky).

These days, Eelo is just trying to keep a steady supply of stim flowing, and to stay off the radar of the various thugs that would like to maim or kill him. He’s presently living in an abandoned escape pod, behind the Veles Bank.

Hey, it has fully sealable environmental systems and the rent can’t be beat!


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