Employment Found, Training New Employees

All the Screenshots!

I want to start a photography business but I need some paparazzi to work for me! I am now hiring all people to give me your best screenshots!
I pay 500 Credits per screenshot if we use the screenshots on the website! Heck, lets throw in a GRAND PRIZE of a PERMANENT +5% XP bonus to ONE character of their choosing.

All winnings are non-transferable and will apply when we launch the open beta. The prizes are permanent and will carry over past resets and wipes should they occur.

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Missy’s first entry:

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The NOT PG-13 Bounty Hunter.

When using the Force isn’t an option and lightsabers aren’t available.

The best looking guy in the galaxy

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Missy’s Second Entry

(Crop as you need to)



Ancient Machinery

Doctor Quinn - At battle and at rest

A Different kind of Cyber Warfare

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Our New Domain

“WHO’S scruffy lookin?!”

Color doesn’t matter.

Secret cool neat questline!

Thanks beamdog for no helmet sizing.

The Bar

Phyville at Dusk

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Out for a Walk

Communication is Key

Land Surveyor

Indubitably Curious

Last minute entry!