Flawed Programs

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Login : HAACA894
Password: [Encrypted]
Date: [Approximately three months before her arrival at CZ220 station]
Subject: Reassignment.
It appears that my application to prevent my reassignment to that remote location has gone heretofore ignored. I must restate disagreement that my placement as “executive engineer” has significant flaws as my training until this point has been exclusively in the field of medicine. I feel that my services would be better applied upon Csilla working at one of our many medical facilities as per my original employment application. I will attempt to fulfill the expectation of this work order to the best of my abilities, However am concerned that such talent is being wasted. I await further reply at the earliest convenience.

  • Hriste’Amun’Aqhi

DeviantArt: Sinya Rae By KaRolding
Login : HAACA894
Password: [Encrypted]
Date: [Approximately a week after her arrival at CZ220 station but before player involvement]
Personal Log:
I already begin to see that this place clearly needs work. I cannot go five feet without tripping over scrap or storage lockers. The dishwasher is clearly broken, The place smells so terrible I think my nose has gone numb and there are no safety rails anywhere. Especially in the many places it is clearly needed. I saw a Zabrak run into the engine room without realizing what it was and being carted out sometime later burned to a crisp. I feel like any efforts I make immediately end up being scrapped by someone else to be another bandage solutions somewhere else. Well I’ve heard word that they are going to be giving out shuttle passes soon. Maybe I’ll look into that. Perhaps the planet has more to offer. Fresh air alone will be quite an improvement I suspect.

  • End of File!

Yeah, good to go. Approved. Contact a DM IG for your bonus.

Nouveau By Hime Nana-d93opau

Dylas: The Heartless Reformist By azulann on Deviant Art.
Login : HAACA894
Password: [Encrypted]
Date: [Whatever day it is for the PC relative to the date of post.]
It’s been almost three weeks since I came down to the planet. And they have been very busy. Even if I’ve spent most of them in various workshops around the planet. Testing on my equipment has been steadily improving to the point that I was finally comfortable with my skill to take a break from my job and enjoy what was to be my career. Though he was rather stoic over it I’m rather pleased that there was no unexpected side effects from the medical testing I preformed on Cadushil today. The change in work has finally given me time to resume this record as well. I suppose the most pertinent points were…[Listed is a more or less compressed version of the events of the past week, Of note are such events as, Picnics on Mon Cala, Aiding certain Twi’leks and Cyborgs with their respective self-confidence issues, Manning a starship’s blasters, And ending on the joy of owning her own workshop at last.]


There is another file that follows the previous one. This one it however indiscernible as any sort of sensible data at all other than several medical equations in the margins and a drawing of a huge Bantha.

[Lord Datlen Ohana’s Artwork - Steam community]

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Xhalley, the chiss (close up)by XelaBlood
Login : HAACA894
Password: [Encrypted]
Date: [Day after the previous corrupted post]

What…Is that. It. Of course. I suppose that is what one can expect when you go over the recommended dosage of stims at any given time. I’ll have to endeavor to be more careful in the future. Perhaps not simultaneously test on myself while also testing on another because the intelligence stim made me think it was faster and more efficient. Mmm… I can see the early stage of the effect in my last two messages as well, At least i managed to keep a mostly coherent record. At least until the second file. Additional note. I’m apparently not as good at drawing when I am full of stims. It is however aesthetically pleasing. I think I’ll keep the image as a datapad background for a bit.

Pantoran - Wookipedia. I know it’s not a Chiss but it’s close enough this time. Appearance wise.
Login : HAACA894
Password: [Encrypted]
Date: [Date of Varrec’s Death]

Well. This day has been quite a lovely day of trial and error… Mostly error? I’m uncertain. It’s not as terrible as it could have been after all. Of all things I find myself back on CZ-220, If not for the sake of the change of scenery but to organize my thoughts over this day’s events. Let’s recap for the sake of my own sanity. After a few days of medical rest I woke up to a Twi’lek making mining tools on my engineering bench. A wonderful sound to be woken up from. My fault for setting up that concealed bed under the bench. Then the lovely officer insisted I eat before going back to sleep. In my real bed. I woke up with it full of food crumbs. In hindsight I had mentioned that exact issue in foresight when I went to bed. Then when I actually finished cleaning the bed I found out that things has gone quite… Badly in the city. I had connected to the comm channel of my associates to find they were obviously quite shaken in the aftermath of a situation that I missed because I failed to properly account for the irritation qualities of breadcrumbs. Probably ideal. I likely would have been in the way or gotten shot. I decided the best option to proceed was to fetch a meal for them both. But I hit a few too many zeros on my order and ended up with far more food than I had initially wanted. I carted it all over to … somewhere. While there I did me best to console both of my associates. I feel I made fair progress. But there were several complications at the location. And so dealing with them each as I could with my experience. It felt good. So I suppose I’ll accept that as progress then. Afterward I returned back to my apartment to try and clear my mind. I couldn’t so now I find myself wandering the halls of the station for Fibreplast scraps just to keep busy. Still. It can always be worse. Hmmm… a call? I wonder what this is about now…
-End of File

A few hours later a small addendum is added to the file Never mind. Today is no longer the worst. Not the best but I cannot truly complain anymore.

Some point after the raid on the tower a significant amount of garbage and corrupted data is upload to the cloud server Hriste uses for journals. It’s quite possible she’s doing it for the sake of possibly trying to recover it at some later point.

Orisai - Unknown Artist. Found it on another forum.

Login : HAACA894
Password: [Encrypted]
Date: [A few days after the previous upload]

Few things can make your day complete like getting electrocuted. Twice. While being shot at. And then nearly blown apart. I can now say that I have had such a lovely experience. An experience I do not seek to repeat. Among that I have learned to appreciate why Ira prefers a non-carnivorous life style. I’ve begun to recover my usual appetites finally but it was rather unpleasant remembering enemy soldiers becoming little more than ground meat in the battle every time I tried to have something to eat. However once again I find myself sitting in a workshop tapping various bits of material together for little reason other than to see if they click. My progress has stalled somewhat it seems. But I know I will pick it back up again soon. In other news I helped Zain with some dancing lessons. An amusing little distraction and my effort showed immediate improvement over his tripping over his own feet beforehand. I also started picking up on his training once more. If he wants to succeed he’s going to have to learn to adapt to my full expectations rather than the effort he has been showing before hand. While he thrives in combat. He lacks situational awareness and insight into cause and affect. He needs to start thinking outside of the box and looking for solutions beyond the obvious. I set him to a trial in that regard. He performed exactly as I expected. I’ll have to look into better trials in the future.