Iaco, the bothan cop


Character Name: Iaco Brevisky


Alignment: Jedi Order

Ancestry: The thunderflames *******

Class(es): Security Officer

Character Information/Biography:

History: Iaco was born from two loving parents, full of tenderness

towards him. Being of his mother planet Bothawui (in the metropolis), they

spoiled him in a lot, especially for being an only child. A few years

later, he discovered that his father was a collaborator (Spies)

and a talented doctor and modest lawyer. The father was the man who put

his face in the family, who descended from the ancient Thunderflames ******* of Kothlis, a very small family of Jedi renegades. His great-uncle was called "Fluttering Smoke", and in his

last years of life he transmitted some rudiments of light side to the child,

more as a form of education and discipline than by actual vocation.

Fluttering Smoke prophesied for him, without any pain but the last

fall of the hoary platinum hair, which would remain the only son of

Patricy the widow, the great-granddaughter.

They calmly waited for the outcome of their contained cries. He said

Fluttering Smoke to Patricy: "later you will understand". He left a

modest dowry for the young man’s growth, also paying him a master fencer

among the most severe that the market could offer.

Patricy did not give herself peace, although she also worked as a

slave, and asked Lord Fate (Light Side): why not me first? Why my husband first? And the face streaked

with warm tears.

"Prosperous Chief" means his name.

Patricy, her mother, having lost her husband Sekylo, was

welcomed on the road to another planet by a strange cowled figure, Xander, a

Human, who raised the child as he was his, in Sennatt, and took

Patricia as his own wife, although he knew he couldn’t have anymore

children. They still love each other and have made their son travel the

way out of Sennatt to find his way.

However, more and more Iaco the Bothan made himself socially propitious and

realizing himself, the more his heart was free of melancholy, in another planet. He often

invited cronies to fencing competitions with swordsmen made from gnarled

sticks (batons).

Hiroshi desired divination coming from the Light Side, but only to "win easily" by cards from all the crooks.

Nevertheless, he found his first place of refuge, bought cheaply, at

a local space station. A less than modest hermitage in one of the dormroooms. From there he would move from the spacestation, in time.

Physical appearance: under the meter and 70; dark copper plated platinum

hair; golden eyes. Chin scar, a probable accident.

Psychological profile: Male of very sensitive and immature behaviour – young adult -, impulsive, trying to mitigate these

two aspects with a constant closeness to the people he serves as a securty guard officer He chose to move his coldheart to the flames of Fate, the Light Side.

It is a heart that only needs affection in order to improve, even

remaining in the pre-judices.

Merits: Excellent Baton wielder, learning how to shoot with laser rifles and pistols.

Flaws: Too sensitive on feelings

Goals: Be a hero to every poor people.

Additional Remarks: He like pork chops and cold iced tea.


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