Ira's Rescue - General Rundown, Mistakes, Solutions, and Otherwise

Here I will be laying out a rundown of things that occurred through the full event. While going into every, exact detail would take forever, I’ve summarized all of the outstanding things and some others.

With the obvious warning at the start, that I sought to very clearly get approval from everyone before beginning, there were going to be many instances where they would be overwhelmed completely. Be-it going down a wrong path, quickly and blindly, without thinking, trying to brute force their way through heavily guarded areas, setting off alarms and not acting accordingly, etc. Through this, there were countless instances where, through my initial warnings and how things would react to their actions, I gave them more chances. This went directly against my own rule, to the extreme. There were more points where they should’ve died than ever should have. But I continued giving them more chances. However, even with every new chance given, they kept blowing it away with very poor decisions. Not saying there weren’t good decisions made at times, but there were also a large number of poor decisions made.

Things began alright, as they started progressing through the base. I set up a few rooms where there were some guards, and an alarm system that, if they weren’t engaged properly, one or more would run for the alarm switch. They did a good job, albeit barely, managing to take out the guards before the alarm was tripped in the first room. Things started to fall apart shortly after that, however. They made their way through until the junction where there were two patrolling guards. These guards, I had pre-mentioned to others (Taelon and Ira, specifically) that they had the ability to trigger alarms remotely, if they spotted the group. Which is why I had them patrolling around an area they could actually manage to sneak past. Sandra actually did sneak past.

Mistakes #1 ) Instead of sneaking past the guards like they should’ve, they decided to openly engage them. This led to them remotely triggering the alarm, which I made very obvious. But this wasn’t meant as a game over senario, but more of a situation where they had to think and move more quickly. One of the spots of increasing difficulty, but not creating failure.

Solutions to #1 ) There were multiple sections where I had more alarm terminals which could’ve turned off the alarm, but no one even attempted such. There were also plenty of guards they were taking out along the way, which they could’ve disguised themselves, which they didn’t attempt. There were even a couple places they could’ve hidden themselves in for a short bit until it blew over, but they didn’t even think to do so.

Mistakes #2 ) This ultimately led them to running in the correct direction, but despite getting through a door and closing it, they took a very long time to do anything about it. Attempting to weld the door shut with foils, which I immediately said didn’t work because they’re weaker than training sabers. They also stuck around the door instead of continuing to run from the large group (which I explained was very large with the sheer footsteps and shouting heading towards them), deciding they could likely take them on. Eventually Sandra at least used her actual lightsaber to weld the door shut, albeit very quickly. So it bought time.

Solutions to #2 ) As mentioned, they could’ve kept running. There were guards in the next hallway that they would’ve had to engaged anyways (where, without the alarms, they could’ve slipped past with ease), but there was, again, an alarm switch they could’ve used, or again, disguised themselves once dispatching them. Likewise, while it was done a bit late, they door could’ve been welded with Sandra’s lightsaber sooner and had more time to focus on it, which would’ve given more time. Which they then could’ve sliced through the locked door into the security room. Which would’ve also given them a lot more freedom, as well as potential access to a map of the stronghold.

Good ideas #1 ) After dispatching the guards in the hallway beyond the room, Sandra nabbed a whistle off one of the guards. While its function wasn’t known yet, she had it all the same as information could be gathered later on to its actual use.

Mistakes #3 ) After taking out the guards in the hall, they moved into the following room rather blindly again and had to deal with the guards in there. While they fought the guards in there, I mentioned there was an explosion from back the way they came to indicate the guards from behind had blown the door open and were now freely coming towards them again. Despite this knowledge, when they finished off the guards in the room, they stuck around to look around instead of running. This ultimately had the guards catch up with them entirely, as they decided to then stand and fight. For the purposes of what I was doing with all this, this would’ve been DEAD END #1 , at least for those who sought to fight the oncoming storm of guards.

Solutions for #3 ) As per previous points, running would’ve still been the best course of action. Due to how close they were, disguise wouldn’t work due to the dead guards in the room still. But they did have a moment to decide which direction to run in, with only one of them being the correct way.

What was done right with #3 ) Despite the situation of this being very much a death senario, Lucas thought fast with an incendiary grenade to slow the group down. But that’s all it did. However, because of that, I pushed through the death senario and gave them a single thing they could do. Which was to finally run, albeit in the wrong direction.

From here they went through and reached a detention area of the stronghold, made obvious by the cells on either side of the hallway. But the guards were still coming. Due to the room ahead (which was discovered to be a large security room full of guards) and the guards coming from behind, they were almost completely out of options. Unless they did something absolutely ingenious that I didn’t even think of, this was about to become DEAD END #2 .

Good ideas #2 ) Despite the situation being extremely grave, and realistically the guards would’ve blasted the group to pieces, they chose to surrender rather than fight. Likewise, Sandra went into her Force Cloak and stuck to the side to not be noticed as the rest were taken away. Aside from this, there were no easy solutions to the situation their choices had backed themselves into.

The group, save for Sandra, was taken away to a bulk holding cell and relieved of all their items, left with nothing but rags for clothing and bound in magnacuffs. They were completely stuck, and things shifted to Sandra as their only hope out of this. This is where there were a string of good ideas and some bad ideas.

Good ideas #3 ) Sandra is good with her stealthing about. While it can’t fool cameras, she was careful in passing by them without detection. There were points where she also stuck around and eavesdropped on conversations. Through this she was able to learn the fates of the bounty hunters, that there were plans for Ira and the rest of the group, and later on, that the whistle is the way past the massiffs guarding Ira’s cell. On top of that, the guard that was right outside the cell was someone that would potentially prove useful due to who he was meant to be, and Sandra knocked him out rather than killed him, and hid his body. She also then took his uniform to further disguise herself.

Mistakes #4 ) While many of these weren’t major, the attempt at moving freely through the facility on Sandra’s part, despite guards generally being specific posts, was still not the best idea. She was questioned about it multiple times, but still managed to get past for the most part. The biggest mistake made, however, was when she found her way up to where the group was being held and tried to get past a high ranking guard. She ultimately left after being told to return to her post, but returned right after in her Force Cloak ability this time. Due to it being from an elevator, it was already a bit odd. But the mistake itself came in her physically pushing the guard into the elevator, which deactivates the cloaking ability. This was a potential DEAD END #3 as Sandra was mechanically killed by the gamorreans.

Solutions to #4 ) Here’s where things get complicated. Due to the situation as a whole, and the number of things that could’ve happened or been done, it’s difficult to think of a proper solution with this. Sandra was still technically undiscovered after going up the elevator in stealth. It wouldn’t have been difficult to pickpocket the keycard for the bulk cell as well as the magnetic key for the magnacuffs they were in. Though I can’t say how it could go from there as there were a lot of ways, based on whatever Sandra could’ve decided to do.

With this in mind, I decided again to jump past the death senario and make it so Sandra was only in critical condition and unconscious. She, too, was stripped of her equipment and thrown in with the others. This is when I was now working yet another hope to saving everyone, through the very person they came there to save. Ira.

Due to only being knocked out, the compassionate guard was hidden in an empty cell nearby, out of sight. From something Sandra had gleamed earlier in her eavesdropping, she was to be “moved” very soon. At this point, the guards who were to move her went to her cell. One of them was sent to find the “missing guard”, having realized he wasn’t at his post, while the other went in to get her. After leaving, they came across the other guard, talking to the naked, formerly unconscious guard that Ira recognized as the same one who showed her compassion. Before the alarms could be set off, the naked guard surprised the nearest one and wrestled his gun enough to immediately blast the other one in the face. He was then left just fighting off the living guard. He told Ira to run, which she did.

At this point, he would’ve died if left to wrestle. Ira decided to run back and help wrestle the guard and led to their victory, managing to turn the blaster on the guard and kill him. They dressed up in their uniform, Ira having to very painfully cram her lekky into the back of the uniform and the helmet. But the other helmet was destroyed after fragging the guard’s head to pieces. Luckily, the compassionate guard (Elan Roy from here on) is known to be a newer guard by those around.

They headed back through the facility, managing to fool guards along the way with the fact that “the girl” was being taken to the master as planned, and that they were just the ones moving ahead to prepare things. THey made it back near the entrance after a bit where they encountered a large group heading down one of the corridors on their way to retrieve the other prisoners.

Good Idea’s Made by Ira ) While in disguise, she kept her mouth shut the whole way and let the one who was an actual guard take the lead on everything.

Now to rewind just a tad to show what was happening with the others in their cell.

The gamorreans that had fought and taken down Sandra before were very badly wounded due to her using the lightsaber, but alive. As they had thrown her into the cell, the group chose to attack and overpower them, despite being completely in binds and rags.

Mistake #5 ) This in itself was a potential DEAD END #4 given the situation of taking on heavily armed guards with nothing, and with their hands bound behind their backs. But the chance was given and they managed to overpower them.

Solutions to #5 ) The most obvious solution was to just continue to wait and bide their time, putting more thought into the situation as a whole. Or even alternatives to their actions against the guards as they entered. There were some in there who could have potentially pulled a key off them, with the Force, when they weren’t looking, and then there were two doors from there that they could’ve worked with.

From here, they used their feet to loot the guards of the key to their bindings and manage to get some level of disguise and weapons off the dead guards. They decided to stick around and investigate the area, rather than attempt to move forward.

Mistake #6 ) While the investigation in itself wasn’t a bad idea, what it lacked was a sense of urgency. Through such, it took them a fairly long time of lingering right around their cell area, which in itself wasn’t a good thing at all.

Solutions to #6 ) Investigation was alright as I mentioned, but a sense of urgency to move forward as quickly as possible, rather than stand about, would’ve been best. Likewise, taking defensive positions or finding places to hide for the moment. While they didn’t know what might be coming, it still could be expected that guards would come regardless.

After being up there a while (too long as mentioned due to the lack of urgency), they finally went into the elevator to head down. This overlapped in weird timing as I was already having a large group of armed guards heading to fetch them, and they pressed the button. So the elevator closed and started moving down with them inside. It opened to the large group of guards right in front of them. This is where the timelines now overlap between them and Ira.

Mistake #7 ) Only a couple of the characters had visible disguises, while the others were still in rags. A couple of those in rags were also visibly armed. This in itself would be seen as highly suspicious at absolute best, due to unauthorized moving of prisoners, and that the prisoners themselves were armed.

Solutions to #7 ) Having not gone into the elevator in the first place (or gone a lot sooner). But most obviously to not have those in prison garbs actually armed.

Mistake #8 ) After being seen as such, Lucas immediately tried ordering the group of guards around. Likewise, Zain and Andro made very obvious threats, with Andro’s likely being the worst. This combined with having armed prisoners was a very bad idea. Furthermore, after the guard even mentioned he doesn’t take orders from him, and only takes orders directly from the master, Lucas continued to try ordering him around. This in itself led to what would’ve been an automatic DEAD END #5 due to their situation. However, the chance given was through allowing mechanical combat for those who decided to do so.

Solutions to #8 ) A small option, while still in the elevator, could have been to move to the sides while clicking the button to go back up. This could’ve at least bought time. If not that, another obvious solution could’ve been to not antagonize and order the guards around, and instead at least try to think of something else. Likewise, before and even after combat began, surrendering would be a valid option as well.

Good ideas for #8 ) With a solution of above, Sandra did surrender and wind up being the only one who survived, initially.

Following this, Andro, Lucas, Althea, Zain, and Jaycen were mechanically dead, and from the initial warnings, were effectively dead-dead. Through all bad decisions up to this point, it led to a final senario that could’ve been avoided even then. To push forward to just get things done, and to prevent even further bad things, I decided that, because Ira and Elan Roy were disguised and now in with them, they could each take out two guards in a surprise attack from behind. They chose to take the biggest threats, which were the four gamorreans.

The two remaining guards with guns then began to fire on them and mechanical combat ensued. Through it, it was fairly equal in terms of the fight, but Ira got Sandra to help and it helped shift things in their favour. With some effort, they disposed of the remaining two guards. At this point, I gave the players yet another chance that went against my rule. Rather than everyone being dead who were dead, I allowed Ira and Sandra each to choose ONE person. They had enough time to save only one each, to which Ira saved Zain and Sandra saved Jaycen. At that, the others passed away.

They made a quick escape and the rest is history.

Final Notes : To point out a few other things, there were many instances of more generalized mistakes made throughout the mission. Specifically the activation of foils (which has a loud ignition sound) right near guards they were looking to jump. Putting aside the activation, there was also the emitted light they gave off, that would be noticed around corners as well. And even further putting that aside, the passive hum they make would be noticeable. In addition to the foils, there were also a few instances of talking in a normal tone, or even shouting in a panic situation once or twice. Nearby guards can definitely hear these things.

One thing I left out of factors, even though I very well could’ve done so with it, was the very loud sound a blaster would make that would alert most guards within a pretty wide vicinity and down hallways to other rooms. Also, while I tried to mention as much of the mistakes, solutions, good ideas, potential death senarios, etc, there are definitely more I know I would’ve forgotten.

While it was purely based around player choice, there are many ways they could’ve gone through the stronghold while remaining unknown or otherwise. There were likely even ways I probably didn’t even think of, if people had come up with something really interesting and thoughtful. Even going in incorrect directions and otherwise, things could still very well loop around and lead to interesting situations, if played smart. But ultimately, as bad as it is to say, much of what happened was a series of poor decisions made one after the other. None of these really nasty instances were caused by a single or even two or three mistakes. There were many that were made along the way.

But despite all of this, I hope people can take things away from this particular post as I laid out most of things, as well as the possible solutions. Things to think about for the future, as well as the consequences of actions for choices.

Thank you to everyone who was part of this event. Despite everything that happened, I hope you can continue to enjoy the server as a whole. :slight_smile:

Small point I actually forgot to mention:

Relating to the lost gear. There was a small room people passed many times that actually contained it. The keycard Zain had found on one of the patrolling guards was actually the key to said door. Sandra tried the keycard she had found earlier on, but it was incorrect. That said, those with high enough skill could still have sliced into it (or any other locked door) due to things being that way in Star Wars. Much like I mentioned relating to the locked security room.

I mention this to help point out that I didn’t just take the gear away from people without any way to get it back. There was certainly a way to do so, but only Sandra made the attempt with the wrong keycard. So that’s another point of mistake and possible solution.

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