Laws of Viscara (Revised)

The Following would have been posted all over Viscara.

"The Council of Viscara has convened and decided on the following laws to be put into effect immediately Vandalism, Breaking and Entering, Battery and Aggravated Assault.

  1. Vandalism is the act of damaging or defacing another’s owned property by an individual with intent to cause harm, physical or otherwise.
    The consequences for Vandalism range from a small fine to jail time, depending on the severity of damage dealt.

  2. Breaking and Entering is the act of breaking into another’s Home, Shop, Ship or other residence without consent by the use of force, deceit or otherwise.
    The consequences of Breaking and Entering range from a fine to jail time, depending on the damage done from entering without permission, the intent behind the break-in and compensation for anything stolen.

  3. Battery is fighting and causing harm and a disturbance to the public. The consequences for Battery are a fine dependent on the severity of the disturbance and potential jail time.

  4. Aggravated assault is the intent to cause serious bodily harm with a deadly weapon.
    The consequences of Aggravated Assault will be a fine, the restriction of weapons within civilized areas (Veles) and jail time dependent on severity of wounds.

All the cases will be reviewed on by a case-by-case basis by the council and the consequences will be dealt with according the the severity of their crimes. The council holds the right to elevate punishment should you be a repeat offender."