[Plot] Remnants of Corruption [Current Chapter: I]


Enter Remnants of Corruption: Book I


Part I:

A dark, horrible storm brewed above Viscara and turned Veles’ citizens into disgusting abominations. Czerka cites these creatures as wildlife that entered the city whilst this storm ravaged the planet. Unlike most thunder storms, the lightning was a deep red, and soon the eye of the storm turned the same hue. After a long, seemingly endless night, the storm collapsed upon itself and disappeared all at once.

What remains is unclear, Czerka officials have stated that this was simply a large storm and that Veles citizens should continue as per usual. However, those involved would feel something far worse. Something dark and forboding. The creatures that rose were not animals, but refugees and guards turned into abominations.

These abominations were destroyed before the storm ended by a group of adventurers, and later, shadows begun appearing around the city- a fog seeping up from the ground and spawning spirits intent on ripping apart the populace.

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Part II:

The spirits were large and threatening, wrapping their ghostly tendrils around any who roamed the streets and ripping them limb from limb. In the process, the bodies were absorbed, and eventually the same fog began to seep out of every window in Czerka Tower. Soon, a figure emerged- and ignited his lightsaber. He claimed himself a Darth, risen from the ashes by one unknown acolyte on the planet. He utilised something called the Force Phantom, raising abominations and spirits to do his bidding. A group of Colonists fought him off, and suddenly found themselves losing consciousness… and falling into a black pit, endless as the shadow that enveloped them.

They fought a great deal, but soon realised they were in the archives below Czerka tower. They defeated the many spirits, and then, upon their escape… the spirits were no more. Czerka has reported that its Archives remain contaminated, and that none are allowed to enter. They have requested that a group of five or more capable Colonists help them clear it out, for a payment of five thousand credits each. Who will answer the call? Who and what is this ancient ‘Darth’ raising phantoms to do its bidding, and who raised him from his eternal slumber? What lays below Viscara, that could have spawned him?

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