Sandra Mana: In The Shade


Sandra sighs as she returns home and sits as she rubs her forehead. She thinks on all the holofeeds and grows even more annoyed.

“What is Czerka thinking…? Why did they remove Jedi knights from the planet?! This is a major frustration. They are getting in the way of my training now…they are a problem to be dealt with now. I will have to find a way to harass them.”

She opens a water flask and sips from it. She sets it on the table and rolls it against the table as the two textures make a noise lowly

“Why is Althea working with Czerka and enforcing their laws and rules when she does not really idealize laws and rules. Her life is a contradiction, apparently. Verrac is missing also. And I hope Keyan Zionne crushes everyone in his way. Were it so I could help him. All I know is that The Director ordered their removal. There is bound to be information to gather. I need to utilize my training properly.”

She goes to meditate and practice making herself feel alone and out of existence. This causes her to blink in and out of what looks like existence.

“I am nothing…and everything. I do not exist. I am a dream to everyone. A blip of nothing…nothing…nothing…”

Vanishes again. But after a moment she releases it as the creeping feeling of something odd lurks. She tries to avoid this as Artemis instructed. Afterwards she trains in making spy tech and then works on manipulating the force. All for survival now as her master has been taken away.

“When they said Verrac is missing, my heart raced. I need to find him. I need to find Keyan also. I need to know. I need to be part of figuring this out. But in the least…we managed to get Lanari to kind of help us for an exchange. I think it was fairly negotiated, even if Lanari added another name for the wellness of her side. I saw no issue. But her pet was kind of scary…”

She goes to her isolated bed in the corner of the room and dresses down to a t-shirt and thin shorts. A hand runs through her hair as she lets the long ponytail down to be free. Her emerald eyes look down on her bare pale legs as she wonders again

'Zain has been coming to me for advice on training. So far he has been understanding what I have been explaining to him. He wants to be some sort of Jedi Sentinal, but I told him that considering the end of his training was pointless since he does not even have a real beginning yet. He has been doing lightly well with basic force push and pull. And that levitation was sort of difficult. He is determined though and he seems to be having difficulty with his friends. I think he has what it takes to focus on the path of a guardian, but not a Sentinal. He is kind of brash and forward. I wonder what the mysterious master he mentions is like. I hope he remained on planet also!"

“He was easy to get information from also…not so good for the stealthy business. He does mean well, but ah…he has not really asked Sentinal type questions, more so Guardian type. Anyways, I hope he does well. The fellow is kind and he is kind of sweet also. He calls me Princess Sandra…hehe ~”

Sandra lays back on the moderate bed and sighs as her body relaxes some. A hand runs over her face as she slowly starts to fade into sleep…