Sharpshooter Hedru


Hedru was a Zabrak of no particular note, cast out from his home world of Iridonia for not being warlike enough, he was considered too weak. He could not pass the trials to become an adult and he was voted out. Only the strong could survive and remain welcomed. His hunts had all failed miserably. They weren’t really his fault, the interferences and really bad luck caused him to fail each time. That didn’t matter to his people though. He had failed, more then once at that. He was to be exiled to Tatooine to serve there. Perhaps life among a weaker race would suit him better were there exact words. So with that, he was packed into a small one man pod and shipped off into exile forever.

On route to his exile location of Tatooine his pod was accosted by pirates though as luck would have it, he managed to dock into CZ-220, though the ship was beyond repair or salvage. All he had left was his Blaster Rifle and the clothes on his back and a few credits to get him started.

Now he has a new purpose in life, to get stronger. Prove the bastards that had exiled him for being too weak wrong and reclaim his honor. He would become a master Engineer, and in time, he would destroy any and all that opposed him. For now though, he would need to grow stronger. Work on his speech and train. After all, it was all he was good for anyways, right?


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