Slave for life...Iradtoki

Stay strong, Padawan. I believe you can weather this storm. You have progressed much in the short time that I’ve been your master. Keep working on your exercises. We will find a time to meet soon.
May the Force be with you.

I will do so of course Master, I will be offering my services to the Republic officers as a healer as well as seeking refuge there as I continue my training.

//Have contacted Miskol regarding this, likely to be done Friday.

Dear Master,

I have met today with Walessa and started the path to recovering our friendship. It was difficult but something that needed to be done I believe. I was finally ready emotionally and physically to speak with her and I think we made decent progress.

She has offered to give me lessons on my emotional control since my Master cannot always be around and I think this is also a good way to work on building trust for both of us again. That’s the best I can do for now.

Dear Master…

Althea has had the force power in her sealed. She said before this she saw Padawan Zhetta and spoke to her. Then she woke up in the lake unable to connect with the Force. This is deeply worrying. I am not sure what has occurred here but can the dead really do such? Zhettas words from Altheas memory, I am quoting Althea…

“I’m not dead, I’m the reason that were talking, that someone tried to take away my connection from the force because she wouldn’t let him. That her and I are connected and that she’s glad I said no to the guy.”

A new memory has surfaced today, a fractured one still but still one present…a small house, me playing very young, men coming in, killing my parents… carrying me out…then the house burning.

It means I have no family left. My family was killed to take me.

Padawan, this is worrying news… it tells me that there is someone upon Viscara capable of severing or blocking one’s connection to the Force… I imagine she is difficult to even look at right now as she will feel empty, devoid of life to one touched by the Force, but she needs your support in this time.

If she wishes to meet me i would not be opposed to inspecting her and offering guidance.


I am working to support her even if I disapprove of what she has done in working for Czerka. I think you meeting up with her would be wise. I even advised her I was contacting you in regards to this as I see this as very serious. Please, do get in contact with her as soon as possible to aid her Master. I can feel her distress though she will not openly admit it lest she appear weak. I pray something can be done for her.

My newest lesson was amazing. I literally had to hunt for my Master through the force while she worked to hide herself from me. It was mildly difficult but I still found her. I got to see more of her past through the vision and for a moment was sad for her loss, the soldier she had to carry out, this was before she lost her real arm, yet for all of it, she is not so heavily burdened.

We talked about my newest memory and how painful it was. Though I had also come to a realization. No, I don’t have any blood family that I know of. Instead, I have my Jedi family. My Master is always with me, always is a source of comfort when I need her, and if I truly need her presence, she has always fought to be right at my side. Althea was right. If -anyone- truly represents what a Jedi should be, its Nulaa, the only other that even competes in my opinion is the one that got me started on this past. Hohenfel. The rest, including Zains Master, are far too full of pride, arrogant and exactly the problem that is bringing the name of Jedi down on the planet.

Master is going to visit and speak with Althea, as I was concerned this disconnection is hers is very serious. I hope Master can help her. No one should suffer as she is. Not ever.

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Seela keeps trying to force Tara is dead, I do not believe it. I know what I saw when Tara left, and clones are a thing. Only Master Verrac saw her body and in his mental state, I don’t think he checked everything to ensure it was her. I do not put it past the Sith to clone her body and dump it to hurt the Masters. Causing exactly the effect they got. Everyone is so quick to accept shes dead, though I am not. I want proof she is dead. I would demand the same for Seela, Master Keyan and my own Master. Why is this any different?

Why can no one understand I refuse to just lay down and accept shes dead with no actual proof as such. Had I not seen Master Verracs body myself, seen undeniable evidence it was him, yes I would have demanded the same proof that it wasn’t a clone made by the Sith to harm the Jedi. She and I were very close. Her leaving hurt me, but the idea that she is dead, hurts a lot more. No one else may have gave two damns if she lived or died short of Master Verrac, which showed a lot in how they treated her and how they brush off her supposed death, but I do. I care. I refuse to accept anything such until there is proof.

I worry about Zain, he struggles so badly to make his Master happy, and I am trying to piece together what he is missing. He talks about how he is not living the code, so perhaps he does not imply the Jedi code itself, but the Sentinels code. The way they need to live their lives, behave, every breath must be devoted 100% to their life style. Perhaps it is what Zain was missing. Zain almost seemed to have an epiphany when I advised maybe he was thinking wrong.

I hope he can pass his Masters trials, I mean there has to be a way for him to succeed right? His Master has to want him to succeed?

A new flash back, Zain was talking about the lowest levels of Corusant, I don’t know exactly what triggered it, but my mind went to the slave quarters. People being lashed, chained down like a dog, small cages and cells. Some had lavish rooms but no slave wanted to be put in those rooms, they only had one use for men or women who came to “rent” slaves.

My room was a small cell with a bed welded to the wall. A shabby grey slip of a blanket. That was how I was kept. I remember two people though…They wore strange attire compared to the regular customers. They kept looking around and talking fast, they approached my cell when no one was looking and then…my vision was interrupted…I am not sure what it means…

Hriste suggests the people in my vision may be Jedi, and if so, there may even be records of it? Perhaps something that can be looked into?

I got mad again today…Zain was back to his whining and such and myself and Hriste were again trying to advise him. He kept talking about he was beyond human endurance which he isn’t and I told him that if he kept it up, his heart would eventually give out. Clearly a very bad thing to try and help him realize his error, telling him it couldn’t be augmented to keep up with his body mass and the weight.

His first answer? Open heart surgery to replace it with a mechanical. I told him several times that doing such is not a good thing, nor is it safe. His answer? To contact Hriste to ask her if she thought doing the open heart surgery was a good idea, no other context then that I was against it. I honestly wanted to slap him for even doing that. Open heart surgery is extremely deadly, not guaranteed to work under the best circumstances and even then, doctors do not like performing such unless there is no other option, but what does someone studying as a healer know right?

Dear Master,

I struggle a bit today, its been a horrible day…Six of the refugees died today in my home. A…I don’t know what to call him? He seemed like a Jedi, he definitely could wield the force far better then me, he drained the life right out of six people, calling it a feast. Spoke of it being for his Master? This deeply wounded me to know six died in my care. I have pushed for them to get the emergency evac off planet.

I could not protect them, I was not strong enough to stop him and knowing I failed to protect them, it really hurts. I have been meditating on the incident, but this is hard to swallow.

Master is hurt, it was pretty bad. Her whole manufactured arm was destroyed. Seela and Althea had to completely redesign a new arm for her…I was the one to reattach it to her. It looked really painful and she seemed exhausted and really in pain. I need to stay with her now until she feels better. She has told me I could go, but I am not leaving her. Someone needs to take care of her needs. I basically carried her to her bed last night and tucked her in. I have been waking her every few hours off and on to ensure she has stuff simple to eat and drink before letting her rest again. As well as seeing to any other injured here while shes in deep sleep.

I cant believe Lanari did this. She killed so many in this. It wasn’t even necessary. I could feel the fear, the pain…the death. Hearing my Master was hurt my heart sunk, I was very relieved when Seela told me she would be okay. Then told me I should come to the base to tend her and comfort her. I was very glad to help though putting her arm back on very much shocked me. I hated knowing it was causing her pain, but it needed to be done, she needed it reattached and wouldn’t have the strength to do it herself for at least a day.

I feel honestly like I am little help when trouble comes. I need to stay in hiding and ride out the storm and just deal with the aftermath. I want to do more to help, so people don’t have to die. Masters are speaking of a greater evil coming, and yet I cant even handle the evil already at our door. I want to hate her, I want to be furious at what she has done, but anger and hatred is a passion, and are keys to the dark side and I will not go that route. I need to be strong right now, to support my Master and take care of her. So she can help me be better and stronger then I am now.

Today has been a large range of emotions for me. First the Refugees were finally picked up which I couldn’t be happier about, they are finally safe and on their way to newer and happier lives away from all this chaos. Thirty four out of the original forty survived. I hope they have a peaceful life now, they truly deserve it.

Then as I was prepping to go to Mon Cala, I overheard there being a Droid argument just outside Veles. I rushed over and found armed droids against utility droids and it was very hostile. Basically calling the utility droids slaves and trash cans that were to return to their master or be destroyed, the utility droids preferred being scrapped to going back at the treatment they were receiving. I refused to allow them to be taken back. We destroyed the original group as they opened fire on us.

The master took over the droid demanding we give him his droids back, that we were thieves stealing them. He offered 2000 credits for every droid that was returned to him. I refused to let him take the droid and wound up fighting the one he sent to retrieve it, after defeating that though, he destroyed the droid instead. It was very painful. At least it didn’t have to go back with him. Hriste cannot see from my point of view that slavery is slavery, if its smart enough to know its being abused and enslaved and wants freedom, then its sentient enough for me to fight for its right to that freedom. I accept my new wounds as the price for fighting for whats right.


I have made it to Mon Cala, until I am needed back on Viscara I will be training up here, please seek me up here for any lessons. Thanks.

Training on Mon Cala has been what I expect, I have already been advancing in my Sabre techniques as well as using Force Breach. When I have done the best I can with my Sabre I will be moving on to hand to hand combat. It continues to be a challenge yet it is one I do not shun, instead I look forward to the challenges.

The vipers while rather resistant to being attacked physically seem very prone to Breach attacks. Making them far easier to deal with as I work against them. The Aradiles are stronger and I have yet to actually focus Breach against them as I use my sabre on them at that moment. It is hard training but the most challenge I have had in some time while training.

I had Zains third lesson yesterday, I have been doing them when I get the chance to sit down with Zain after having spoken to his Master regarding where he is failing the most and I think he is doing far better then he was before that meeting. Now that I know where he is failing, I know where to help him improve. I think I still need to hammer home discretion but he is getting better. He has vastly advanced in handling rejection and why he struggles with open anger and we have found and addressed what causes it.

I never thought I would be a teacher, let alone be a decent one, but I think Zain is the proof that I can do well in teaching. He is a good student if at times a bit head strong, but he has great potential, I can see what Master Hohenfel does in him, I think. He is becoming more mentally mature in handling himself and dealing with issues and with a bit more time and work, I think he will make a great Jedi.

I am a mix of disappointed and angry…I had such high hopes with Zain, to be backstabbed like that seriously hurts. He had a very simple and single job. Watch Sylia with Lanari, and report to me if he found anything worth noting. Instead, he told Sylia that we thought she was joining the Sith and that I had spoken to him about it…why the hell did he do that, especially with my VERY recent lesson on discretion? Did nothing I say get through to him? Am I that bad of a teacher? He changed my order from watch and observe and report…to make sure she didn’t join them. One does not equal the other.

Now I have Sylia seriously pissed off with me, doesn’t trust me now thanks to his stupidity. I have to answer for trusting him like this and encouraging others to as well, then address my own failures in teaching him. Yet he doesn’t seem to understand why I am so upset with him. I don’t even know what to say or do at this point. He clearly is not cut out to be a Sentinel, he cant keep his mouth shut with critical information. The most simple task a child can do, and he still blew it, how do I encourage his Master now that he can do it? I don’t even know anymore.

A new vision, or is it the continual of the last one?

I am back in the cell, the two strangers speaking quickly, quietly, one holding a lightsabre partly hidden under his robes…he mutters to keep quiet as he focuses on the door a moment and it pops open.

He grabs my hand and pulls me quickly…then were running through the sand…I hear blaster fire…shouting…and one of the two with me fall behind crying out in pain, the other tells me to get in a ship he has waiting…its piloted by a droid…he barks something at it in droid before a blade cuts deep into his back…

Something hits the ship…hard…I think possibly another ship…I see blood running down my face and in my hands…hear the droid squeal something in droid speak….then its just darkness…

I have been trying to think and meditate on what this last vision means, and few things become apparent to my thoughts. One is that I believe the two men were Jedi…or at least one was a Jedi and his Padawan. Two, I believe both are dead. The student cut down before his Master was. Three the order he gave the droid might have been to bring me to CZ to connect with a Master here but the crash or whatever hit the ship, or something damaged the order or I was just to be brought to CZ. Three the crash I believe is what took my memories.

Some questions still remain open Master, but I believe I am beginning to piece many important things together. But the death of two possible Jedi is a serious thing and maybe its enough to verify where I am from?