[Suggestion] Active ability icons


Add in more ability icons for skills such as force auro so it is easier to see if it is active, similar to the movement speed up icon.


As far as I know, I can’t modify the icons. They’re relatively hard coded so you can’t make new ones. At least, that was the case in 1.69.

But maybe there’s a way with NWNX? If anyone has any insight, please let me know.


Second this suggestion.

Client side, there is a cap on effect icons that is one higher than what the base game uses IIRC (been a LONG time). Only way around that is via modified nwclient executable. I can’t find any reference that this was expanded with nwn:ee client.

Using an existing (some aura effect) effect icon should be doable though via NWNX Effects plugin, no? Using the effect struct to strip out any buffs and leave only the icon enabled then repack the effect and apply.