Viscaran Dueling Clause

If a duel is to take place on Viscaran soil, both participants must follow these following guidelines:

  • The Duel must be agreed upon by both parties with at least a single material witness.

  • One agreed upon, those who wish to duel must get the duel registered with the Viscaran Lower Council. This can be as simple as meeting with one of the members to register it.

  • Registration will include the date, time, and the terms of the duel (What use of weapons, force powers (if any), and how far the duel will be taken.) Duels should not be to the death without due cause.

  • At least a single member of the Council must be present for the duel to watch it and ensure that the terms set are not breached.

  • Those wishing to Participate in a duel will need to sign a waiver that state that both parties are responsible if the duel is taken farther than it was originally intended to, and that the Viscaran Council is not accountable for any grievous injuries that may ensue from them.

  • All duels will be logged in official records, which will also include the winner of the duel.

  • Sparring and dueling are different fundamentally. Sparring is a form of training in the field and a test of one anothers’ prowess without the intent to cause injury to one-another while a duel is a full-on combat engagement. Spars are not required to be registered, but having a material witness is still suggested.

  • Note: Signing the waiver will exempt both parties from being susceptible to being charged with Aggravated Assault under the terms of the duel that are listed. If the terms are broken, the offending party may be liable for such charges.