Weekly Player Awards and RP Tokens!

Welcome to the Weekly Award Show with your host…

With the new RP Experience System out we are no longer going to be offering RP Tokens as constant reward during our events. They will still be award but they will not be common. What does this mean for you? Well it means that we are doing some tweaks to what you can obtain with RP tokens.

XP Bonus: 10 RP Tokens gets you 1% XP Bonus up to 25%.
Please note that the character biography plus any event rewards are including in the 25%
Rent Decrease: 12 RP Tokens will get you a 2% reduction in rent up to 50%
Please note that event rewards DO NOT count towards this cap.
1x Greater XP Tome (1600 XP). Price: 1 RP Token
2x Lesser XP Tome (800 XP each). Price: 1 RP Token
4x Minor XP Tome (400 XP each). Price: 1 RP Token

The Following is still at the DM’s discretion:
Item Customization: This will stay until we have our systems in place for you do to this.
This will cost 5 Tokens still and includes a 5 Durability Increase.

Limitations of Customization Include:
Event items are no longer eligible for remake
Light saber colors are unable to be changed.
Visual Effects on the weapons.

Weekly Player Awards:
Weekly Player Awards are new and will be determined by our players, that means you!
Each week you can vote on the Poll that will be put in this Category on the forums on a player you feel has deserved the reward either in or out of character. This could be Generally good RP, or just being nice and helpful to new players. Or Just being someone that is active in our discord or in game!

You may only vote one time per week, but you will also be able to nominate players! Yes that is right you can decide each week on the players you feel do the best and they will be added in the list as well. You may only nominate one person per week per person.

Rewards will vary week to week, and a winner may only win two weeks consecutively. To be added back into the fray they merely have to wait one week! (Rules subject to change.)