Weekly Poll 4/28

If you are unsure of the purpose of this see: Weekly Player Award
The team has come up with the following list of players for this week:

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Please Nominate Players Below in Reply.


If I was to give my opinion, it would be Lanari, she is writing guides, helping players oocly and icly with things, is often willing to bend and help others.

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I second Ira’s notion for voting Lanari

i want to vote all of the above because all of them are great

Everyone listed is always quite willing to engage your character and very enjoyable to interact with.

I would have to vote for Amon-Si. Lanari is a consistently excellent and compelling villain, with many layers, and her player is both dedicated and skilled. And, as Iradtoki notes, Amon-Si goes above and beyond to try to enrich the player base and server experience, by helping other players and facilitating role-play within the game environment.

As an aside, I will say that I would prefer an anonymous voting system to a public one, however. FWIW. Aside from that, great idea here. :smile::+1:

I’m voting Iradtoki.

Ahem, just putting it out there, the reply section is for nominating new people to vote for, not to say who you voted for <3

Not that I don’t appreciate the love, i was having a rough one and it’s made me all blushey :smiley:

Can we pick ourselves?

I don’t see why not.

Oop. Well, I totally didn’t get that. lol. Thanks for the clarification. :blush:

Okay then I nominate myself.

the choices are on the list for this week xD

The poll up there is where you vote, down here is where you nominate players for next weeks poll.


I nominate @MissMora for next week! <3 Sandra :heart_eyes:
For in game aweseomness and training and a super intriguing character and stories!

I would support JDUBYA being part of next weeks, given they are literally making a bar to create a RP hub to make fun for everyone.

^^^^ Seconded^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^

Taelon, I’m nominating our great BEE lord…FOR THE HIVE

Are DMs even eligible? Not sure on this?

We can make up our own awards for DMs, too!

There is a kudos section if you wanna thank people for rp and such.