Weekly Poll 5/12

The following players were nominated, and Congratulations to @Iradtoki and Sandra @MissMora For winning last week! Their prize? 2 Max Durability on two items of their choosing!

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Voting for Walessa, Zain, and Lucas

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I want to nominate Sylia!

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awwww, thanks! i nominate Sandra again cause she’s the bestest teacher and friend ever! Plus I cant get enough of her writing!

Sandra cant be nominated I think as we won last week?

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Correct, if you win two consecutive weeks you can not be nominated the third.

We’re on the third week. I nominated her for next week, which would be the fourth week

I’d like to nominate Irad.

Aww thank you! If you don’t win Althea, I vote you right back up there.

Also gonna vote Lanari back up…cause seriously, she has been awesome to play with!

Should we limit ourselves to one nomination per person? Otherwise we might as well put everybody up by default

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I agree, you should nominate one person.

(plus I got nominated this time, I want less competition :smiling_imp: )

I would say it is better to pick who you feel is best and if you l think multiple people are best, it will encourage diversification of nominees