Weekly Poll 5/18

The following players were nominated, and Congratulations to Althea @Ryudo, Andro @Aurianos, and John Doe @Narbicus for winning last week! Their prize? A Bag!

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Starting this week you may only nominate one person!

I am gonna throw up Jaycen here username Kendaric. He seems to be a great RPer with fun additions to add.

Gonna go ahead and nominate Ira

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going to nominate seela, zain and lanari

edit: Ira told me i could only nominate one person, so scratch the above, I nominate Taelon
edit2: seriously I am nominating Taelon

Surprise surprise, Iā€™m nominating Sandra again because her RP and stories continue to blow me away

I pick Lanari.
image https://cdn.shopify.com/s/files/1/2273/0811/products/best-grandma-in-the-galaxy-best-grandmother-gift-idea-nana-white-11oz-mug-joyhipcom_300x300.jpg?v=1551247892