Your Character's Actor/Actress

Hokay! I always love making these sorts of threads. I do it on literally every server I’m a part of because it’s just a fun little thing to do.

It’s simple: What actor/actress would you feel best portrays your character(s)?

In Aedan’s case, it’s hands-down Sam Witwer. Personal favourite actor, and he could hit Aedan’s personality perfectly given the roles he’s done before. That said, not too many pictures of him with a beard, outside of his role in Days Gone. LOL.


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For Sylia, you need someone who can be emotional, genuine, sexy, and vulnerable, while still touching on their inner strength.

Buffy-era Alyson Hannigan <3

(you knew she had to be a redhead ;p)

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i have no idea who would play andro…

maybe Takeru Satoh…

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For Ira, it would have to be Renee O’Connor


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I don’t know but I know the character type I was playing with on Zane was a lancer… so… I’ll have to figure out which chunks of the composite were who. It’s a mess. I like the choices you guys picked on yours though.

i should probably save people the google search
This is Takeru Satoh, he is in a lot of stuff and was head actor for the Ruroni kenshin live action movies which are so good.


Zain I could see being played by Wesley Snipes



maybe young Dolph Lundgren?

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While she is not the right look I keep thinking of Sigourney Weaver for Althea. She is the closest I can think of for her, but again it doesn’t feel right to me. Suppose someone else would know a better match for Althea then I would.

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Lucy Lawless comes more to mind for Althea



God I havn’t watched Xena in so long. I forgot about her, and Hercules

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how bout Krysten Ritter as Althea?

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Hmm, maybe a younger Bruce Campbell for Andro?
That whole thing in Evil Dead where he lost his hand but went to the shed and strapped a chainsaw onto his wrist stump feels like something Andro might do…

Sandra is Michael Westen (Burn Notice), with the body of Kimberly Whalen, and the voice of Lucia of Lunar 2 (Kelly Weaver)



Or maybe Karen Gillan with a lightsaber and stealth training?

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