A holodisc delivered to the Temple of the Jedi, addressed to Althea

A droid is found waiting outside the front of the temple, how it got there unharmed is unknown, but it was there. It demands to speak with Althea only and when she arrives, it offers her a Holodisc and putters off as Droids tend to. Once inside and the holodisc is activated a miniature version of Ira appears with a bright smile.

Hello Althea, I hope this message finds you and Seela well. Gods do I miss you both. I am sorry I didn’t take a better chance to speak to you both but we made a decision and ran with it before we would cower out. I know, impulse was never really my style. But I think after everything that happened… I needed to get away, to be free and find myself truly before I destroyed myself.

We are safe and well, other then the not having partners stuff, I am still living the code of the Jedi, just I am also now living for me. Which I think we both can agree was needed. I now work in a public hospital in the children’s ward, Zain works as a weapons design and developer for another bigger company and we are both happy with it.

I apologize for not being in contact sooner, but with the war getting secure messages out can be a bit tricky. That and we had no idea where we were going or what we were gonna do. I rejected Coruscant outright, and Tattooine wasn’t even an option, we settled for Corellia and its very lovely here. Very friendly and sociable. I do miss you though. I hope your doing well, and that the order is doing well.

Please keep safe. I do miss you and hope to one day see you both again, I will try to be in contact more often.


Ira and Zain Kalan.

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