Aedan Terallis: Unease

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Aedan suddenly awakens, looking about the room in a bit of a panic, covered in a cold sweat. The events from the previous day still fresh in his mind, plaguing him more than he wished. He still had no proper memory of his actual actions, but through it all, his mind was constantly running wild. The details explained to him had painted a pretty decent picture of the whole thing, and he couldn’t stop thinking about it. Someone he had quickly come to feel close to, that was there to help him from the start. Like a long forgotten member of his family he never knew he had. And he had nearly killed her.

His breathing calmed a little as he continues to take in his surroundings. He was laying on one of the couches in his home. A cloak was draped over him in a caring manner, like a blanket. He closed his eyes for a brief moment before looking at the couch across from him. There she laid, fast asleep, and alive. He let out a slow sigh of relief as he came more fully to his senses now. He shifted his legs and pushed aside the cloak blanket that covered him, sitting up more properly. He ran a hand down his face with a sigh before looking across to the sleeping mirialan across from him. For a brief moment, there was a flash of the visions he had seen, and a white room, before he took in a sharp breath, clearing his mind.

He got up and moves over to where she slept on the couch, placing the cloak that was on him, over her now. He watched her a moment with a softer look on his face. He could only imagine what might be moving through her own mind, given her own experiences with what happened. He reaches out setting a hand on her shoulder for some mild comfort, though perhaps also for his own piece of mind. He didn’t remain like this long, however, as he retracted the arm and walked back to sit on the couch he came from.

He sat there letting his mind wander, once more. The events of the day, the visions, all of it. But then a face flashed through his mind. The young face of a redheaded girl they had met once before. His breathing became more shallow as he felt anger swelling within him. Though only for a moment as he quickly realized his state, focusing on calming himself. He had never felt the pain like he had with what happened, and it was more difficult than he expected to actually manage this as he was. But he had to try.

His gaze moved back across to the sleeping mirialan before he finally got up again, heading out for a walk to clear his head.

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