Aleksander Chekov: DD-39


In the year 3987 BBY, Aleksander Chekov was born to a rather mundane family on Coruscant. His mother a housewife, his father the owner of a small financial consulting firm, that aided other businesses in the galaxy with matters of taxes and business strategy planning. A small but successful firm, Aleksander wanted for nothing, save for a meaningful life.

When he was brought into the business after his initial education, he was 22 years old, six years prior to the current setting. He was never overly handsome, or commanding, but he did well enough. He was fast, though. He could fill out paperwork, fix droids or holonet projectors around the office, and calculate compound interest faster than anybody. His desire for speed and precision aided when he took up piloting, and began flying to other systems for the business, consulting and dealing with clients in-person. His father was proud that he was a valuable addition to the team.

Unfortunately, as the war broke out and progressed, there were many more opportunities for illicit activities. Aleksander saw a chance for smuggling operations to begin. He already had a strong background and the business he worked in was completely legitimate, so nobody assumed he would be smuggling illegal drugs and weapons between systems, when he went on business trips.

Eventually however, Aleksander craved something new. His love for speed, his need for adrenaline, for excitement, for meaning, drove him to new areas of business. He started investing in blaster and combat training. Four years prior to the current setting, he had begun to transform himself into an athlete with combat skills and good aim - and a quick trigger finger. He told people that knew about it, that it was just a hobby. Something to give him some excitement.

They never knew that the real excitement happen off-world.

Aleksander Chekov began bounty hunting as a low-level enforcer for various criminal organizations found in Coruscant. He kept his business small and local, due to his inexperience at first. Break a leg here, intimidate a business owner there, always with painstaking measures to hide his identity. For some time, it seemed as though he could live a double life rather successfully. He had a proud family, a thriving career, and the excitement and violence he secretly craved, all at once - and more money than he could shake a stick at.

But one job wasn’t so easy.

Chekov was hired to get money from a restaurant owner in lower Coruscant. Simple, if dirty. However, the owner of the business was prepared, and had no intention of handing over the money; blaster bolts were the only response Chekov received upon wandering forward and making himself known in the business.

He was able to call for the police which resulted in him surviving, but the experience ruined his career and family’s opinion of him, when it was discovered what he had been doing. Evidence could not be collected in large enough amounts to convict, but everyone knew what he was up to after he turned up in a hospital with several shots to the torso.

This life of duplicity had to end. Now, his career would become something new.

He had a large amount of wealth saved up, and looked into cybernetics, to augment himself and make him tougher. Stronger. Faster. IMMORTAL. Life was such a ball, why should he ever have to give it up? Over the course of many months he underwent a drastic transformation into a bionic man, with most of his internal organs, his entire exterior and all four limbs, replaced with biomechanical systems that were hardier, more deadly, and able to be upgraded. His emotions were greatly blunted, and he lost all familiarity with and attachment to his former life, his former self. He would take a new name… DD-39, modeled after the name of a line of droids he rather admired, Destroyer Droids.

For the next several years he spent his life on the run from the Republic authorities, carrying out hits, assassinations, being retained for mercenary work, the lot of it. He had become a respectable bounty hunter in his own right. His previous life had crumbled and all he had left was the work. As the war ended, authorities had more resources and time to spare finding criminals rather than fighting the Mandalorians…

And it is here we begin our story, stranded on a nothing planet, evading authorities, plotting his rise to fame again. To achieve meaning through the rush of victory. To be immortal.


Characters who would be in-the-know about criminals and bounty hunter types would know that DD-39 is one such individual. Not the galaxy’s most feared (since that would be bad roleplaying), but an up-and-comer in the game.


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