Althea: Relief


Althea’s vision comes back into ‘reality’, or so she thought. She’s standing in the back of the Ivory Harrier to a fuzzy, strange dream world. The room rumbles with the activity of flight, clearly moving right now somewhere new and exciting. Althea looks around confused as she takes steps forward towards the cockpit. As she gets closer to it the door opens and she hears a shout from a familiar voice.

“You’re here!” The voice echo’s through the ship. Althea takes a moment to step back and listen to it, confused before she calls out.

“Zhetta…?” She asks into the cockpit, stunned by the voice

Althea walks into the cockpit to check if her suspensions were correct. As she enters a woman sits in the captains seat, running the ship with a contented smile. The woman indeed is Zhetta.

“Heyyy girl, I missed you. Take a seat!”

Zhetta spends a while just flying the ship, seemingly over an endless sea as Althea takes in what she’s seeing.

“Don’t worry. You’re not dead.” She giggles, shaking her head. “Yeeeet. Everyone dies one day, but then you get to be like me. One with the force. He tried taking away your connection, and only one thing remained between the force and you that he couldn’t remove.”

“What is that then…? And you just… fly all day…?”

“Nah, this is all you, I’m just having fun with it.” She snickers, doing numerous barrel rolls. Althea doesn’t feel them though. “Me. A long time ago you sat down with me and helped me get to know myself. Well, we bonded a bit then and… well, I made sure to keep a little so you’d never be alone or know that sheer cold of not feeling the force at all. Maybe all you’ll feel is me, but, yanno- better then nothin’!”

“Wait… Then I carried you with me all this time too…?” The shocked look on Althea’s face spoke louder then her question.

“Mhm! You’re the last one I’m connected to. We’re like force-besties!” Zhetta giggles at her own words but Althea sighs with that

“I failed you though…”

“You weren’t the only one. Including me.” She huffs “I pushed myself. I’m really glad you said no to him, though… He was the one that hurt my mind.”

“But he’s so strong… and he hurt more then your mind. I do wish I could have done more for you.”

“He made me do all those things… I… Didn’t like that at all. He is a bad man, but a lot of men are nowadays. Seems like most. But that’s just the ebb and flow of things, the tides of the force. Yanno, all that dumb Jedi stuff.”

Althea laughs a bit at that. “That dumb Jedi stuff did always go over your head.”

“But for now” Zhetta shifts herself, smiling to Althea “I’m with you.” Zhetta’s voice once again begins to echo as her smile cause Althea’s vision to go blank. It was only then that Althea awakens to the feeling of water rushing to her lungs.