Andro Dra'kkon


“This one shows promise, a fighter from the start, he will make an excellent Mandalorian and become the pride of his people” - Jiirt Blung

It’s unknown where the Dra’kkon’s originate but what is known they are capable warriors and builders, capable of adapting to their situation and excelling in chosen fields. They’re a small tribe like family that was captured and enslaved by the Mandalorians, wanting to have more capable soldiers and craftsmen the Dra’kkons had to follow a strict code of letting the weak die and the strong prosper. Andro was one such case of allowing the weak to die, however as if through the will of the force or simply a stroke of luck the boy would prove his fighting spirit to be an asset to his Mandalorian masters.

It wasn’t long before he was trained and assessed in use of a blade, the many scars littering his body showing his resilience was to be admired and his ferocity was to be expected. He had been trained in marital arts by his mother whom was sadly taken from her shortly after he turned 12. By this time the Mandalorian wars had started and he was put to work training with other soldiers and watching his family serve their masters.

“On this day you shall become one of us, you will cast aside your family as I grant you a name befitting of a warrior of the Mandalorian army” - Vud Wrurkon

The Mandalorian war had been going for 7 years now as Andro had fought in smaller skirmishes for the Mandalorians, he saw first hand their brutality and started to feel as if his place in the galaxy was elsewhere. It was on a small colony in the outer rim where he met a young girl named Felicity, Andro had found her hiding from the pillaging a blaster in one hand and an explosive in the other. Managing to disarm her without harming her, Andro convinced the girl to give up and that he’d protect her from danger, he was planning to make a run for it only to be caught and mistakenly praised for finding the girl. Something began to change as he watched the girl on the way back to base, this wasn’t right, the enslavement of his family, the torture and pain inflicted on other family simply for resources…he was going to see the bases commander tonight…and put a stop to it.

But a 13 year old soldier who knew nothing of the galaxy couldn’t possibly stop an entire army. Night approached and the esteemed Vud Wrurkon had requested a meeting with him, it was perfect timing for Andro, A Vibro-dagger hidden in his sleeve, a precaution most mandalorians seemed to accept and just simply let him be. Here the old Mandalorian decided to make Andro part of the small yet respected Wrurkon clan, naming him a true soldier of the army. The mere mention of abandoning a name that meant to much to him had given him more then enough reason for his next action.

Throwing the dagger and hitting the man in the spine only to grab his would be leaders blade and give one fatal swing seemed satisfying yet…he heard a ruckus, blasters and blades the base was under attack. Rushing out he saw that his family had finally had enough, Taking up arms and spreading throughout the base only to start closing back in on the center as they started to murder their captors and freeing other captives adding to the carnage. When the fighting neared its end Andro had already freed Felicity and was walking away from the base with her, to start a new life, anywhere but here. He knew his family would be alright, he had a new purpose…that was taking care of the girl he had promised to protect.

“I did not choose him, he didn’t choose me, fate brought use together and that’s good enough for me” - Felicity Rangir

A few years had passed and the two had set up on a small farming property owned by an elderly man who was offering free rent for help on the farm. The area was decent and could hold a good amount of live stock and to Andro it was home. But that home wasn’t to last as soon surviving Mandalorians had tracked them down and set the farm ablaze, Andro and the old man fought as much as they could but the old man soon died of his wounds while the attackers had Felicity surrounded, one grabbed her and with a single stab, Felicity was on the ground bleeding. The Mandalorians walked away seeing they had caused Andro such suffering.

As Felicity died in his arm he could only watch and soon after, he burned her body believing it’d carry her soul throughout the galaxy to be free. With everything gone he started to wander on his own. Years passed and Andro had begun a process of slowly losing and regaining his mind.


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