Apartment menu bugged


About half the time when going into my apartment I get a bizarre menu, like a light sabre crafting menu or even a blank one. Often you just have to blindly guess the unit but it still works if you click the correct number. Currently it is manageable because only 2 of us live in the building and we have access to each other’s apartments but it will get more confusing as new tenants arrive.

It also seems off I have to go outside to visit a friend living in the same building. I am not sure what can be done with that?


Dialogues get mixed up often across the server. If you get the wrong one, just restart the dialogue.


I’m going to put this out there since everything I post seems to have a rebuttal. I only post these things because DM Zunath says it helps him keep his to do list organized.

These are not criticisms of the server or things I need help with. They are just little things not yet perfect that need to be added to the list.