Apartments, Impound, and You

So, seeing as this wasn’t public knowledge until now, I’m tossing up a short post to explain a few things regarding leasing apartments, owning housing, etc, as well as the impounding of everything involved when the lease expires.

So it’s common knowledge that players can purchase an apartment at the complex in Veles, of differing sizes and costs. Initial cost for 7 days is 1000 credits, and then 100 credits per day with owning it all. Likewise, you can up the lease 7 days at a time with the same 100 credit per day cost. You’re able to lease up to 30 days ahead of the current date. Similar things are applied to owning land and housing outside of apartments.

When the lease is up, everything gets sent to the impound. In the impound, every item, whether furniture or individual items in chests, will cost 50 credits each to recover. As an important note, the impound will also only hold the items on record for 30 DAYS after the lease expires. After that, all things will be unable to be retrieved. So please keep this fact in mind.

As a preventative measure, if you might be away from the server for too long and aren’t able to return, think about perhaps setting up permissions so others can pay the lease on things and similar.