Aratech Corporation is hiring!

As Aratech continues construction of the Corporation Headquarters outside of Veles, we are beginning to hire on new staff to fill the large complex and starport we have built. We are looking for employees for these positions, apply now by sending your application to CEO Kai Korden.

  • Weapons Manufacturer

  • Armor Manufacturer

  • Fabrication Specialist

  • Starship Engineer

  • Roboticist

  • Mechanical Engineer

  • Complex Guard - 2 POSITIONS REMAINING

  • Aratech Ranger - 3 POSITIONS REMAINING

  • Aratech Headhunter - JOB FILLED

We at Aratech look forward to employing the exceptional people of Viscara as we work together to make this a better place. Payment begins at 80,000 a year upfront, and peaks at 250,000 a year depending on your qualifications.


We would like to open our doors to citizens and organizations in need of vehicles from speeders to ships, the highest tech guns in the mid-rim, combat armors and advanced vibroweaponry. CEO Korden is a famed cybernetics specialist, and with the mysterious savant Berlunk Gnikku, they are master roboticists and engineers. They are some of the few in the galaxy able to create cybernetic organs, and their cybermetic limbs are the talk of the core worlds, saving lives and giving mobility to those who need it most. At Aratech, our Cybernetics are made for elegance, efficiency and style. We charge very little, out here in the mid-rim, but high-end pieces will still cost up to one and a half million credits. Cheaper models range from twenty thousand to ninety thousand.


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