Atticuhatrawr, Venerable Warrior


Name: Atticuhatrawr (Atti-Cu-Ha-Trawr)
Age: 299
Fur Color: Dark brown with white streaks

Like most Wookiees, Atticuhatrawr, was born on Kashyyyk. Where he lived for the first one hundred years of his life. When Czerka came and began to enslave his people, he was among those who fought back, sadly, at the time he was not successful. He was taken down, and sold into slavery, where he was moved around a lot before being won in a bet by a Hutt Crimelord named Guldula the Copious, one of the Tiure kadjidic. Where he was pitted against other creatures for the amusement of his Hutt Lord. Though, after a lost arena battle he was sold to another slaver who used him strictly for labor. It was here, however, he broke free.

Atti was a farmer, and a cook for the other slaves. He was given tools enough to cook, but converted them into weaponry after some planning. He armed his fellow slaves, and incited a riot that lead them to rebel against their masters. Atti escaped, and returned to Kashyyyk where he found that Czerka had completely taken over. So he left his home behind. He had no family anymore.

For many years, he wandered, selling himself as a mercenary and working occasionally as a bounty hunter for some underworldly types he still had contact with during his time as a slave to Guldula. Eventually he came into employ to the Flores family, where he served first Rynar Flores, a smuggler who needed a co-pilot. Rynar had aided Atti in a bounty hunt once, then they ran into eachother again some years later when Rynar was seeking out a partner. The two shared many adventures, from assailing pirates in the Durosian System, to fleeing Republic Troops after robbing a spacedock. He’s still wanted in at least 5 systems, but most believe him to have died in one final battle against three rancors, a Sith fleet, and two gundarks.

None of this is true of course, but that didn’t stop Rynar from sharing such crazy stories over some juma juice. Atticuhatrawr didn’t mind it either, and engaged in such tales to those who could understand him. For the most part, he kept his silence during these times. Unless to speak to Rynar himself. The two largely ran cargo for the crimeboss Uro Sann of the Black Sun, on Nar Shaddaa. They had a good working relationship, and Atti’s reputation as a Hunter earned them enough respect not to be betrayed. However, all good things come to an end, and in this case life decided to rear it’s head in on a good thing, when Rynar married. He had a baby girl, Tara.

For the first few years, it was hard to pull out of the underworld. It took a lot of planning, favors, and cut ends. Atti did what he could to make sure Rynar’s family was safe from any of Sann’s enemies, until the girl was old enough to do it herself. So he spent the next several years with the Flores family, working as a bodyguard, nurse, and godfather to Tara. He still worked for Uro, in this time, as an insurance policy to prevent Uro from thinking Rynar was trying to just disappear.

However, it wouldn’t last, as the Sann Gang would be ultimately decimated in a feud between the Red Nexu Gang. Uro Sann was shot and killed, and all his assets were liquified into the coffers of the Red Nexu. All the deals were ended, and Atticuhatrawr was left to defend the family alone, should the Red Nexu seek to take out former members. They did, but Atti managed to hold them off long enough for the family to get away. He was gunned down, and taken prisoner, though he wouldn’t be held long. He made a deal with the Nexu, and offered to carry out some long standing bounties on their list. Free of charge, so long as he and the family were left alone.

It took a few years, but he managed. Though he wouldn’t run into the Flores family again for a few more. They’d taken him for dead, and moved locations. He’d thought them lost for good, when he couldn’t pick up Rynar on their old frequencies. So like always he returned to Kashyyk, after nearly a century and a half away.

He was greeted with Czerka, yet again, but instead of leaving outright… he stayed and fought. For 8 long grueling years, but it didn’t matter in the end when the Chief of Rwookrrorro, Chundaar, had already signed their death warrent. So once more, and for the final time, he left his home behind. He’d never return, until Czerka was gone.

Incidentally, and to his absolute dismay (and surprise) he was contacted by Tara Flores on one of her father’s old frequencies. He was once more pulled into Czerka’s territory… CZ-220, and by extension Viscara. Where he’s set himself up as a mercenary for hire, while trying to keep his ‘ward’ as it were out of trouble.


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