Balancing weapon BIS


It’s often been brought up that dual lightsabers is far superior to saberstaffs, such that it’s not even worth using. I imagine the same also applies to twin swords and double axes. This is due to the fact that you can get an extra slot for stats by dual-wielding, which makes a second weapon automatically “best in slot”.

My suggested solution is to disable any stats on an off-hand weapon other than Attack Bonus and Damage. We’d need to apply the same limitation to shields (make it so attributes other than CON can’t be put on a shield, for example).


I do see your point here, though with the coming balance changes, I’m going to be stacking as many +2 BAB modifiers on my weapons as I can cram on there, so I don’t know if I see an issue with it at that point. Have to think about it some more. :thinking:


I said AB, not BAB, since ab doesn’t stack and it only applies on the weapon it is placed on.


Ah, right, right. :+1:


Bab stacks though, so two weapons is still surperior with this idea.


That’s why I’m saying the properties on the second weapon should not apply. That prevents stat stacking.


Elegant suggestion, as excluding the offhand from item stat calculations is a very simple code change, and AB and damage aren’t in this calculation anyway.


This isn’t a bad suggestion, but does limit certain applications for crafters using off hand weapons as tools (see daggers). An exception for crafting skills might be something to consider, though I don’t know if the team wants dual wielding daggers or clubs or what have you to be a viable crafting option or not. I don’t know the numbers on it but with the rebalance you would see +40 and 50 crafting items going down to 13 and 15 respectively so it doesn’t take crafting into the scope of completely different ranges (at least if skill modifiers apply the way stat modifiers do post balance update.)