Blaster love

Blasters could use a bit of love especially rifles they have a few abilities that frankly just do not function well.

Let’s start off with Dex to damage, this is good, it helps blasters remain competitive but it also makes pistols hand over fist better then rifles.
My suggestion is make pistols .5 per Dex and make rifles 1 per Dex.
This will help rifles scale with pistols better, granted with static damage bonuses pistols will still be better.

Recovery shot
This ability is just bad it is a small aoe heal centered around your target.
My suggestion would be to make it a targeted active ability that heals the selected target damage equal to your ranged damage, it could be a great emergency heal.

Plasma cell
Frankly plasma cell is garbage the numbers are too small, too random, and just wind up being a waste of points.
My suggestion would be to make this ranged power attack, give a -1 ab and plus 2 damage on pistols three on rifles per level max of ten levels. Or just make it like power attack, and improved power attack, either work really.

Precision targeting
This is another bad ability, it is better now but is focused into heavy armor trading 30% ac for 30% damage tends to be bad unless you stack damage super hard.
My suggestion would be to have it still give up ac but make it a flat amount or have it scale in a more sane way, such as -1 per ten armor skill and give equal attack bonus in return instead of damage.

Rapid reload
This should be free.

These are more annoying then strong, very long duration, easy to break on accident.
My suggestion would be make it last less time, still break on damage and give a slow effect after it breaks.

Leg shot
Leg shot is really strong, immobilized and a damage steroid.
This could honestly stand to lose the damage it would still be very strong.