Blaster Rifle Soldier Build

Hi,so i am pretty bad at making builds alone in games so i am looking for help on doing one on this server. For those that played the beta and got a good idea how to do builds in games,what would be a good build here to make a Soldier that uses Blaster Rifles?

I wanted Heavy Armor,since Soldier, but it seems Light Armor is best for this idea,so what is a good build for this idea?Pretty generic i know but i really need some guidance! Oh and i want to know too if you guys think using heavy armor is viable for this kind of build or if my assessment that i should stick with Light Armor is right.

STR doesn’t affect blaster damage, so yeah. It’s pointless to take heavy on a blaster build. Light armor, and you will probably want a bit of engineering to keep up with your weapon repair (you use 0.01 dura per shot, which adds up fast)

You’ll also want to stick with light armor for the simple fact that you need the Rapid Reload perk to gain multiple attacks per round and that perk requires you to wear light armor. Aside from that, as Missy said, Engineering is good to rank up since it’s used to build blasters of all kinds along with the repair kits for them and also gives you access to the Repair: Blasters perk.

A month late, but here’s my planner for the build (perks are up-to-date 12/22/2018):

This one is crafting-oriented. I thought about possibly doing a hybrid Rifle/Finesse Vibro Sword build, and thematically it’d fit, but as the current “meta” stands, or the lack thereof, doing multiple combat styles will hurt more on the long run.

Went through the list with a closer look and found that Plasma cell wasn’t listed. Went ahead and updated the perk list since it was found under Blaster Pistol instead of the General - Firearms section.

I’d probably take any Speedy crafting perks just to speed things up, and then refund them later for more skill points to spend on the main build.

I’m also thinking about replacing Weaponsmithing with Heavy Armor instead. More Con this way and at least it has some synergy with armorsmithing.