Burl Surock


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Name: Burl Surock
Race: Human
Home World: Nar Shaada
Occupation: Mercenary

Burl Surock was a small time mercenary on Nar Shaada who left the planet after the influx of refugees from the Mandalorian war left the world almost inhospitable. He advertises himself to employers for his wide range of hand to hand and range combat skills, being versed in the use of vibroblades, blasters, and various unarmed combat styles such as Teras Kasi and has been known to have very few qualms about what his particular employers aims or goals are, or even the legality of his work so long as the money is good. He has also made his distaste for the Jedi and the Mandalorian Remnant very publicly known whenever asked.


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Name: Tal Kreetan
Rank: Lieutenant
Homeworld: Corellia
Unit: Special Operations Group 54-C-B9 - Self Named “Black Company”
Current Status: Missing in Action - Presumed Dead

Lieutenant Tal Kreetan joined the armed forces as infantry out of primary school, following in a long standing history of military service. His father served in the Exar Kun wars, and his family record of service was given due consideration for advancement before being assigned to Special Operations Group 54-C-B9. The Special Operations Group, named “Black Company” by their commander was tasked with insertionamd tactical deployment into enemy territory to take and hold key positions on the Mandalorian front in order to allow ground forces to advance. The mortality rate of this unit was high, and Lieutenant Kreetan made his dissatisfaction with the way command frequently threw the unit into missions with unnecessarily high mortality rates known at regular intervals. He was given numerous citations for insubordination over the course of his career until an incident on Dxun separated Kreetan from his unit. Faced with an objective, his commander could not order a search and Kreetan was presumed dead. No remains have been found to confirm his death, and he has been listed Missing in Action.


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After his presumed death on Dxun, Lieutenant Kreetan managed to escape the battle with his life. Jaded by his experiences during the war, and the needless losses suffered by Republic Forces including the loss of a great many friends due to the unrelentingly ruthless tactics of Supreme Commander Revan, Tal Kreetan deserted and proceeded to form a new identity for himself on Nar Shaada admits an ocean of refugees from the war. He became Burl Surock, a minor mercenary of no actual note on the planet amidst a sea of faces. He was one of trillions of thugs, hired enforcers willing to take credits for the dirty deeds the galaxy required. Burl doesn’t know what to expect if the Republic should somehow find out that he is alive again, and expects that he would be tried and either detained or executed as a deserter.

Now he chooses to fight battles on his terms, for profit and his own ideals without the expectation of throwing his life away. With a skill set forged in the crucible of the Mandalorian War, he expects his expertise to meet high demand and higher profit margines as time goes on while he prepares himself for the next great Galactic War.


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