Change loot drops on Bounty Creatures

So an example of this is with the Mynock - get 6 wings, here is the loot drops on the Mynock.

  1. Nothing
  2. Leather
  3. Meat
  4. Teeth
  5. Wing

You are expected to get 6 wings, wings being the rare drop of the creature meaning until I get all 6 of the rarest drop, I am hoarding a new players spawns. Also since it takes 1000 points to get off rank 1 guild quests ( Which is insane for level 1 guild quests by the way…like seriously massively lower it!) I will be farming low level areas away from lowbies.


  1. Remove like half the drops, there is no real need for 5 different loot drops from 1 creature.

  2. Lower guild point requirements for advancing to the next level, 0-1 costing 1000 points is insane. If it was 5-6 that would make sense, but not 0-1 maybe 100-200 points?

  3. Maybe remove CZ 220 as a Bounty spot, namely as we get new players, bounties there run the risks of blocking new players from completing the jobs to actually get to Veles.


It gives older players a reason to revisit CZ-220 aside from grabbing low level mats, I wouldn’t remove it from the list.

The guild point requirement is actually not an issue at all, if you get the guild relations perk. I’m currently at 4 with the Hunter’s Guild and 11k points short of rank 5, which will most likely take about 3-4 days at most (with the guild relations perk maxed).

The loot drops are an issue though, I agree. Not only for the mynock quest but for the various Kath hound and Warocas quests as well.

Okay so doing the mando quests…

Remove the set loot drops for herbs and polearms from only being droppable by the Leader, this creates a massive issue of needing to spend 12+ hours trying to get the two loot drops from a mob that drops between 8-12 items.

Other option which MIGHT fix all the loot monsters, script in a bit where if you are on a quest, it guarantees you the drop of the needed item, 1 per mob. So kill 1 mando leader, script looks for you to have the quest, if found drops 1 herb and/or 1 Polearm.

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