Character Remakes

Hello folks!

Thank you to some Guinea pigs, but I wanted to announce we have a process in place for whole remakes! It requires you to submit a ticket to the #ticket-channel on the discord. I will be the only DM insane with enough free time to handle these requests, so please give me time. They take about 45ish minutes to do, per person.

Some things I’ll need to note and for you to do if you’re interested:

  1. Add up the exp needed for each skill. It is right here Skill XP Chart | SWLOR Wiki. For example, if you have ‘Force Armor 100’, you need to total all the exp needed to get to level 100. I’ll provide the chart in an easy copy/paste format if you message me over discord, it’s a little too large for me to attach to the announcement.

It should look something like this: (Skill/Rank/Total Exp Required.)
Light Armor: 100 - 6,783,870

  1. I cannot and won’t hold any property while this process is undergoing. You’re required to release /ALL/ your leases beforehand, and I am happy to teleport you afterward to purchase them again - but if anyone snags it in the meantime, it’s fair game. We have no way to transfer buildings or ships really, so you’ll be required to re-purchase those or at least get them back as inventory items for your new character. Anyone actively poaching leases of players undergoing remakes, will be considered metagaming and be potentially be punished with that in mind.

  2. You do /not/ have to redistribute the points all the same, but you can’t put a skill over 80 unless you already had it over 80. You should try and keep it roughly the same unless you have prior DM approval. Armor skills are an exception since those are easily switched with little issue. In general, your highest weapon/armor should stay the same except with approval.

  3. While it is not a /requirement/, this process is made SUBSTANTIALLY easier if you are able to get into a voice channel with me so I can confirm the exp amounts. It requires about 678 clicks to give the requisite exp to go from 1-100, and I am doing this all manually. No macros to help. I totally understand some players are not able to do so, or are uncomfortable with doing such, but it would /really/ make this process a lot easier for me.

  4. With this, you can take different starting stats and a different background, but please do not pick a different race unless already cleared by myself or another member of the DM team/Zunath. If you go from human to a Rodian , I am going to ask a lot of questions.

  5. After the process is done, you’ll be expected to delete your original character. There will be a grace period in case of issues, but if are caught switching between the two characters - there will be consequences.

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