Character sheet not showing finesse or specialization


So I notice constantly with Light Sabre that my finesse and specialization don’t show and it feels like they aren’t working either because my ab drops so drastically. This usually occurs when you unequip it. The re-equip takes you back to pre-bonus ab. Logging out and back in with the LS equipped appear to be the only solution which obvious gets tiring.

I should ad ac on force armor can also disappear but in this case re-equip solves the problem.


LS isn’t a finesse weapon. Use a finesse vibroblade.


There is a finesse lightsaber perk. Gharssk has it (it does work). Most often, your character sheet does not display the correct combat stats. You have to watch the dialogue box as it spits out the combat info to during a fight to see what the actual modified ab and number of attacks per flurry is.

EDIT: If you meant longsword, there is no finesse for that, so sorry for any confusion.