Clothing Editor Suggestions

As instructed by Zunath, I have drafted my own wishes and that of others below:

  1. Allow mirroring of sides, ergo. “apply left to right side” for limbs.
  2. Ability to pick parts by an index by writing the numbers into chat then clicking a prompt.
  3. The ability to jump to the last page of a category instead of having to go through it each time you click into it.
  4. Add the color editor to the appearance editor, because the current way we do it is very slow.
  5. Add the option to color things “by piece” which is a feature that was added to NWN not long ago.
  6. Add more than 10 saved outfits and the ability to name them.
  7. Change so that each model only goes up to 10 per page, allowing you to use your numbers to cycle through, with 1(0) being the “next page” option.
  8. Option to save helmets as well.
  9. Option to save weapon appearances.
  1. Option to save weapon appearances.