Communications to the Jedi


((This is meant to be a communal place where anyone in the Jedi faction can post to send messages to the Jedi leadership to keep things easy to find for the DMs running Jedi plots. Characters should not be responding to each other here unless it is otherwise stated that others are included on it))


Sender: PAD Tara Renathi
Recipient: Jedi High Council Group
Subject: Initial Report on Viscara

I reached Viscara last week and carried out my inspection as instructed. What I have found so far validates the council’s concern.

  • The main colony of Veles is run by Czerka. There are numerous refugees coming here from the recent war and on the surface, Czerka seems to be trying to help them, but other sources are suggesting the contrary. Many of the refugees appear to be in dire straits and if left unchecked, it is likely their marginalization will result in violence.

  • A cell of militarized Mandalorians have established a base here. Czerka is offering bounties on them to transients that come through the colony, which may escalate local relations. I believe we may need to keep an eye on the situation.

  • Force sensitives appear to be strongly drawn to Viscara. I have found greater concerns regarding this, both effect and cause, but it cannot be discussed over unencrypted communications.

Please expect a holo-communication soon from myself and a former padowan named Althea. More than what I am able to mention here, there are some serious concerns and findings that must be brought to the council’s attention. We will make contact once I procure a comm system capable of sending coded messages.

May the force be with us

// @xephnin