Dace Rendall


Name: Dace Rendall
Race: Human
Citizenship: Republic
Home World: Coruscant
Occupation: ex-Military Engineer

Born in the mid-depths of the capital, he dragged himself up both literally and figuratively through grim determination, a scattered formal education, a couple of creative regulation breaches used to requisition parts to keep backup life support units functioning, and a certain gift for getting things to work. Force Sensitive like other PC’s, he is unaware of this, and none have identified him as being such prior to his arrival here, but it is a large part of his talent.

As soon as his efforts at maintaining Coruscant’s ancient infrastructure allowed, he enlisted with the Republic Core of Engineers, serving in the 3738th Coruscanti Engineering Battalion in the Mandalorian Wars.

He was based on one of the worlds subsequently stripped of defences by Revan and later bombarded heavily by Mandalorian forces. He later heard that almost everyone he ever met around the base was killed. While aware that the Sith in the great Sith War and the Mandalorians themselves did far worse, the experience affected him heavily. He views Jedi in general as being just one bad day from cracking under the strain and becoming Sith, and not worthy of trust.

Shortly after the final victory his unit was demobilised without warning, possibly through simple bureaucratic inattentiveness. His Republic record notes two charges of misusing requisition templates as a contractor (footnotes contain the relevant part codes, that refer to obsolete life support unit parts of relatively low value), and a commendation from his Commanding Officer for efficiency during his military service as a private in the Mandalorian Wars.

Seeking an escape from what he sees as the stifling regulation and bureaucracy of his home, he spent most of his accumulated pay getting to Viscara, which had already garnered something of a reputation for being a place where ability and enterprise might carve out a place.

Although cynical and somewhat jaded, he still believes the Republic is better than the alternative, though slow to take action to protect ordinary citizens unless corporate interests are at stake. Aside from his own personal gain, he is probably willing to take some risks to see the ordinary law-abiding citizen get what he sees as a fair chance against those trying to take from them.


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