Dasra Aotari - The road to wealthiness


Dasra Aotari was born in 3985 BBY, on Dathomir, from a poor farming family. She had no siblings.
Her family was barely surviving from farming in the harsch climate in the frozen mountains of Dathomir.

At the age of six, her mother Mobe died from the attack of a Saurian flier.
Her father, Vruqo, did his best to keep the farm working, but he couldn’t handle it alone.
Poorer than ever, he finally decided to sell the farm to another family in the area.
He had to find a way to leave the planet to offer a better life to his daughter.

The opportunity came, eventually, from one of his old friends, another Zabrak called Drupro who was in debt to him.
That Zabrak had successfully started his own taxi company, moving people from Dathomir to other systems of the Outer Rim.
He offered them to bring them to Nar Shaddaa, where many work opportunities would be available to anyone who wants to start over in life.

Dasra was six, when she first entered that giant refugee camp on Nar Shadaa.
They were cooped up there, trying to survive amongst the thousands of other refugees.
One day, a Hutt smuggler entered the refugee camp to offer a job opportunity to whoever would take it.
Vruqo was the first to raise his hand, thinking about the food he could bring back to his beloved daughter after the job would be done.

That is how Vruqo started to smuggle weapons for the Hutts around the Outer Rim.
He was so efficient in the business, that he was offered his own ship after a while, an old XS stock light freighter.
Vruqo was always taking his daughter with him when he was smuggling weapons, as he loved her so much that he couldn’t imagine leaving her alone while traveling to other planets, and because it was eventually a good way to throw off suspicion from the local authorities.

Dasra learnt quickly. When they had any cargo control from local authorities, she was always the first to talk. “My daddy brings us on that planet to sell some surgeon tools to the medical facilities”.
Or "My mother is sick and “we came here in a hurry to see her, he didn’t had time to fill the right papers”.
She was so helpful, the Hutts started to pay her a wage premium, for her own. She was only ten.

As she grew up, she kept smuggling for the Hutts. Her father finally died from a heart attack in 3971 BBY, when she was fourteen. She kept the ship, and also kept up the good work.
She completed her first bounty hunting contract the same year, stabbing a Duro who had played the Hutts in the streets of Nar Shaddaa.

Violence was now part of her daily-life, and she became tougher and tougher.
At the age of eighteen, she was known as “The Twin Cuts” because she was always using a twin vibroblade to complete her contracts.
From her activities, she grew a particular hate to the Republic and the Mandalorians.
In her mind, they were both sides of the same coin.

In 3963 BBY, as she was twenty-two, she decided to steal one of the weapons crates she was supposed to smuggle.
Her mistake was selling that crate to a local swoop racer gang on Nar Shaddaa, and eventually their leader betrayed her and told everything to the Hutts.
They immediatly put a bounty on her head. She had to leave the planet, and to live on the run.
To cover her tracks, she spent most of her money to pay some random local pilot who would bring her ship on Tatooine, and she used what she had left to take a shuttle straight to the Mid Rim, on planet Viscara.

For four years, she kept hidding with the refugees in the slums of the Veles Colony.
She was hunting in the woods to get food and leather, and selling the excess to the local merchants.
Viscara was a shit hole, but at least, it was ruled by Czerka, who had no relationship with the Hutts.
At the age of twenty-six, while she was hunting in the valleys, she met a local weaponsmith who was looking for an apprentice. He hired her, and started to teach her how to craft vibroblades.

Was it the beginning of something new where she could excel ? Only time will tell, as long as no bounty hunter finds her and completes the job…


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