Designing outfits

Want to have the best fashion or just have some plan for creating an outfit that’s not just clicking numbers? Here’s hoping this helps- and a few things to remember going forward:
SWLOR doesn’t use AC like Vanilla NwN does- a nice side effect of this is that any amour type can use any part (You can craft clothing to look like heavy armour, and heavy armour to look like light).
You can’t use NwN’s vanilla craft menu- you need to use the crafting system through the rest menu.
You can ‘save’ outfits, so you can wear the same item, but actually look like you have a wardrobe and don’t wear the same thing for months (Though let’s face it that’s what we’re going to do).


These are cloth and leather colours. You can set Leather 1/2 and Cloth 1/2 to any of these- not some clothing makes certain colours appear darker or lighter, so you may want to go a step up or down the pallete when picking colours for helmets/cloaks/armour.

These are metal colours for applying to Metal 1/2.

You can use the omnidye in your inventory to manually type in a number from above, and then apply that dye to the different Cloths/Leathers/Metals.

For all the images below these colours were used:
Leather 1: 26 (Blue)
Leather 2: 31 (Green)
Cloth 1: 39 (Pink)
Cloth 2: 04 (Tan/Brown)
Metal 1: 10 (Gold/yellow)
Metal 2: 01 (Silver/grey)

Pizza The Hutt (Alice) has also been cataloguing clothing for female PCs, and has them in a handy dandy Google file so you can flick through them all easily- and they’re taken from IG, so no mix ups.
Blue numbers are the part’s number in the toolset. The red numbers are the part’s number in the server craft menu.

Male Robes

Male Torsos

Number 222 is an odd one that doesn’t appear in the toolset- I’ll add a screenshot later, but it’s like 247 (178 in toolset).

Heads to come- There are a lot of helmets in the toolset that are shown as backpacks IG which is oddly, not an available helmet.


Again 222 doesn’t show up in toolset- I’ll try to geta screenshot of it IG.


I’m assuming that the female necks share the same IG numbers as the male ones, but didn’t test.