Dink-dink - an Unlikely Prodigy


Description: A rather tall, handsome wookie (at least to lady wookies), his fur is a dark brown with lighter brown accents around his face. Several scars are formed around his body, however they’re mostly concealed from the fur. He is somewhat mysterious, as many don’t understand Shyriiwook and likes to poke fun at others if they don’t understand it. Dink’s very proficient in combat, his strength is most notable. Naive, unaware of the rule of twos.

Background: From the Wookie home world Kashyyyk, Dink-dink showed force sensitivity from a young age, thus always being protected by his upbringers. As he was born into slavery, it was only a matter of time before his slavers discovered his force sensitivity, when he crushed one of his slavers heads with the force when he was frustrated. The slavers then knew what promise they could make for Dink, so they kept him a secret. The Sith Order tried their best to locate him, as he was strong with the dark side, but after many stowaways, lies, and cramped spaces, Dink was trained by other, non-associated force users, though never got a hold of a lightsaber.

This annoyed Dink. For several years he attempted to make one, but would always fail due to his lack in proficiency in the subject. On one fateful day, however, he intercepted a merchant ship, and finally got a hold of one. After he fought through the resistance he took the escape pod and successfully escaped. Unfortunately for Dink-dink, the transport hadn’t put much fuel in the pod, meaning Dink couldn’t head back to his sanctuary. For about a year, Dink drifted in space, where the odd traveler would come by, say they couldn’t help because Dink was broke, drop off food, and leave. By now his connection to the force had only weakened, until one day a merchant found out that Dink had the lightsaber. He offered Dink a ride to a nearby station in exchange for the saber; Dink had no choice, he was only getting weaker everyday. Not much time after he was dropped off, he tried to force grab the saber at the last second, but it was too late, Dink had to heal his connection to the force before he could do anything like that again. Much time later, he tried to make as many connections as possible, trying to find a way to connect to the force, in any way, which includes going to the dark side. This was very difficult for Dink-dink as, quite obviously, he only speaks Shyriiwook. Many moons later, after much miscommunication and layers of translation, he had a chance at redemption. He had arranged to meet a sith named “Molly” and he was to be his apprentice. Dink had translated to him “how much do I have to pay for this?”, he communicated back “nothing, if anything, I should be paying you”. Not having any idea what he mean’t by that, Dink-dink had no choice but to accept. This was his only shot at living, his only shot at becoming something, and if he were to die while doing it or turn into something terrible, then the force yields it. He agreed too meet Molly at czerka corps two, a sketchy location for a sketchy man.