Disciplinary Guide for Players

Hello players, and welcome to SWLOR. If you are new here then we welcome you and have written out a set of guidelines as to how our discipline system works so that you can better understand what to expect from your time here as a player. While we hope we never need to actually use these on players, we know that sometimes players make mistakes. For our older members, this is just a standard review on how the process of discipline works so that you are kept aware of how the disciplinary process works.

Step 1: The Warning System.

This step is used generally for the most minor of offenses, and will generally be a DM’s first go-to in dealing with players that are breaking the rules. The DM will politely take you aside and discuss the conduct that is against server rules and ask you to refrain from continuing it, and answer most questions on how you can do better as a player. This step might be skipped over for far more severe issues. This remains at the discretion of the DM Team.

Step 2: The 24-hour Ban.

This step is used when the warning has not worked or has been moved to due to the situation being serious enough to move to a ban, this ban can be discussed by the DM Team to increase up to three days if the staff member feels it is relevant. The DM Team will review the information and make a decision. Generally this will only be kept for the most serious issues.

Step 3: 1-Week Ban

At this point, the team is getting concerned with your behavior not improving and feels a need for you to take a break from the server and reflect on your behavior. In the event of this being a far more serious transgression, this ban may be reviewed for up to a period of one month rather than the week. At the end of the ban, the staff will move to discuss with you where you need to improve and you may find yourself a bit more closely monitored at this point.

Step 4: Permanent Ban (With Appeal)

This is the step the staff generally do not like taking. The permanent ban is very serious and used in the most severe cases where the players refuse to change their behavior and/or are extremely toxic to the server/staff/players. After three months the player is permitted to send a PM to the DMs requesting an appeal, the appeal should state when you were banned, what you did wrong, and why you should be permitted back. This will then be discussed among the team and you will eventually receive a reply.

Step 5: Permanent Ban (After Appeal)

Should you be welcomed back after the appeal, you are officially on your last legs. This is an attempt by the team to accept that you are sorry and have learned your lesson. The next ban though, regardless of why, is permanent without appeal. Meaning after that, there will be no coming back to the server.

Outliers and Extreme Cases

The DM Team has the right to overrule normal procedure and move to far more serious punishments such as permanent ban if such is warranted at any time. This may also include the removal of players who are deemed unhealthy for the community as a whole. This will only be done after extensive consideration.

Players can request an investigation regarding their ban if they feel they have been improperly handled. Please provide any screenshots or other proof to support your claim. However, the team and server owner also reserve the right to deny appeal or investigation.

The Team of SWLOR.

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