DM Team Standards and Rulings [OLD]

The following are guidelines agreed upon by the DM team for the standard by which we will operate. Its intent is to inform and help players understand the team’s decision making process and policies. Should you require any clarification or have any questions regarding the content below, feel free to contact the head DM.

Issuing items: Dungeon masters are allowed to issue items to help with story plots and special items as rewards at the end of a quest chain. The properties of the item will not exceed what is achievable via the crafting system. Any item issued by a dungeon master is subject to future removal and alteration at the team’s discretion.

Events: Dungeon Masters are free to interrupt player activity at any point for the purpose of an event on any individual or group of their choice depending on which scenario presents the best opportunity. Players are always welcome to submit a request via the forums with their plot ideas and can expect feedback within 48 hours.

Rule enforcement and punishment: Dungeon masters may issue a warning to a player if they are caught breaking server rules. If a player has already been warned for an infraction, a dungeon master may issue up to a 24-hour suspension (temporary ban) and immediately forward the case to support for further investigation.

EXP and RP token rewards: Dungeon masters may issue a reward in the form of roleplay experience to an individual or group of players after an event or interaction. The amount issued is at the discretion of the dungeon master and players should not be badgering dungeon masters for an RP experience reward. The event is the reward, and the RP experience given is a bonus. RP tokens are issued to players who have shown exemplary roleplay - making the experience fun and immersive to their peers and being an overall role model.

Professionalism and Confidentiality: DMs represent the front line face of the server and are expected to deal with players in a professional, polite and unbias manner while they are speaking as a DM. Unless prior consent is given by the affected player(s) or heads, DMs should not be talking about private cases and matters to outside parties. If any players feel that professionalism or confidentiality has been breached by a DM, they may file their complaint to the head DM.

Use of Canon Characters: Please be advised that the use of canon characters in-game must be approved by the DM team before use. Involvement should be reserved for matters of great importance and should not be for more than brief interludes.

General DM Team Rulings:

Child RP: The roleplay of a child character is deemed inappropriate for our PG 13 setting and is strictly forbidden. We acknowledge that children are present in the Star Wars setting and having them as background characters are considered appropriate. DMs may use child NPCs at their discretion.

Death and Respawn: When a player dies and respawns, they are deemed to have been rescued at near death and taken to the nearest safe point. Cloning technology is not present during the setting of this server (3959 BBY) and therefore cannot be used to describe how the player in question returned from death. Any other creative and reasonable explanations for returning from death would also be acceptable.

Metagaming: Metagaming is downright harmful to server health and will not be tolerated. This includes the transfer of knowledge between characters, using out of character information for an in-character advantage, transfer of items between the characters of a single player. Depending on the severity of the case, disciplinary action can range from verbal and official warnings to bans.

PvP and Base Raiding: PvP and base raiding must involve interactive roleplay between the two parties before mechanical action is allowed. If you believe that there is a player purposely avoiding roleplay or using out of character means to dodge in-character consequences, please submit a report to the DM or support team.

Torture and Maiming: Torturing and maiming roleplay is allowed in limited capacity assuming it follows the PG 13 rule of the server. This means nothing of extreme gore, description or cruelty is permitted. Those caught being too graphic will be dealt on a case by case basis.

On Adding Special Features to Equipment: Players may not add special features including but not limited to: heat/electronic/biological senors or life support systems to their equipment without prior approval from a member of the DM team. It is the opinion of the team that such features and the materials with which to make them would be considered rare and not readily available to anyone who wishes to possess them. Furthermore, the team believes making allowances would mean both player and DM driven events would be hampered by wide availability of such equipment. If a player is interested in acquiring sensory equipment, they are encouraged contact a member of the DM team.

Updated: March 8, 2020