EU Dark Side Food Fight

I have a couple Redmoon Disciples on EU time who haven’t been able to attend any events. I would like to change that by holding an early event (1-2 PM EST), sometime after the holidays.


Sohma Anantasari
Aiven Crawford
Kaelas Val
(Any other Redmoon Disciples/Cavaliers who happen to be awake/online.)
(Any Veles Sheriff’s Department staff who wish to respond to the inevitable calls.)


A group of Jedi Initiates have made dinner reservations at Pho’s. We will steal their reservation, and through a combination of rudeness to the staff, general rowdiness, and Dark Side influence, goad the Initiates into a (non-lethal) brawl. Hijinks ensue.

The event should be light-hearted in tone, and involve at least one bowl of noodles being telekinetically lobbed across the dining room.

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