Feya Delos


The lamps were off but the light of the nearby sun poured into the corridor, a game of shadows between the shape of the hull and the slit windows that looked into the emptiness of space.

The silence of a starship… distant small talk could be heard, the humming of electrical devices…

The sound of shoes hitting the floor, broke the silence in this calm hallway… A white and orange striped destroyer sized ship pass nearby, suddenly but quickly making the corridor pitch black for a moment.

Once the light was back, a man wearing a armored robe stand in front of one of the eight doors of the hallway, ready to press a button to toll…
But he stopped, the finger a inch away… Something felt weird… He waited several seconds before swifting his finger on the lower button, opening the door.

Revealing a bedroom… clean and simple, in a military fashion… A bed, a shower, some lockers. There was a small amount of clutter, cloths not tidied up, a makeshift small workshop near the bed with some small tools and parts scattered around.
It wouldn’t be weird if it wasn’t for the set of lightly armored clothing, two lightsabers over of the pile with a holo recording slate, on the bed.

Entering the room slowly, he looked at the pile of belongings left there… thinking a little longer before he played the recording.

The silhouette of a petite yet athletic teenager was displayed in the room… she was looking into her lockers… quickly but carefully putting some belongings in a sling bag. Going between her small pile of clutter around the room, trying to figure out what to put into it. It took some minutes before she finished up her package and looked toward the bed.

Sighing heavily, she stand near the bed looking toward the door… indirectly looking at the man who’s observe the recording.

She was sporting a black jumpsuit with cut sleeves, also wearing fingerless arm gloves made of the same material and Republic navy jacket over all. Quite irregular but not weird.
The teenager fiddled with her shoulder lenght and unkempt hairs a little, thinking with a small concerned but shy frown.
The blueish hue of the recording couldn’t help to distinguish the color of neither her clothing or attributes, but the freckles on her cheeks were noticeable anyway.

After some clearly visible thoughts… she broke the silence with a smoothly spoken voice but somewhat a little wobbling voice betraying some of her emotions.

“I’m so much grateful to you… for all you did for me master…”
“Since the day you found me, an orphan, in the midst of the refugee of Arda 2.”
“I passed my initiate trial on Dantooine, then you’ve chosen me to become your padawan.”
“I’ve trained and grew up in your care and wisdom, discovered the galaxy.”

She sigh, sitting on her bed. Still looking where could be her interlocutor could be, almost.

“Like you… joining the Revanchists was the right call… that’s why I followed you. I didn’t stand to do nothing while the council just watched.”
“Even if the war was… hard on all of us, I’ve never felt that free outside the boundaries of the order."
“The bonds that were forged between fellow Jedi and soldiers. The pain of loss… all these emotions, feelings that were unrestrained in and out of battles, helped me to learn who I am today."
“As the war went on… It felt… wrong. Not in the fact that protecting people, was right.”
"But more… where are we heading ? I had anger, and less often, rage. Not only a feeling that I had… but one I sensed around me… something was and is still amiss."
"It was been… 4 days since Malachor V… since the war ended… I still don't understand what happened… Even as we were in hyperspace… and the feeling was unbearable, so much… terror and pain."
"Since then… The feeling of something that is amiss ? It's growing even more… and stronger than before..."

She paused for a bit, picking up more stuff nearby… setting in place unto the bed, the clothing.

"It's… you've checked on me every day since then… I couldn't answer you because… I felt that I've to go... Somewhere, but not…"
She Sigh.
"I don’t feel I belong here anymore, with the revanchists... with you. Nor I plan to go back to the order... And I don't know if i'll go back in either."
"Where will I go ? I honestly don't know… I'm sorry Master… but I sense that I had to go, seek my own path, away. I'll follow my instincts and try to figure it out when I'll get where I've to go.”

The teenager removed two lightsabers from the back of her waist, putting them where they’re now. She stood up and spoke one last time, slinging her bag over the shoulder.

"I don't think… those are mine anymore… they felt heavy… too heavy…"
Struggling to find words.
"The transfer shuttle should depart soon…"
"Goodbye Master, may the force be with you."

She crouched infront of the recording device before shutting it down.
The blue hue gone, Left the room in darkness…
Only the outside light of sun, in the hallway, pouring in the entrance could illuminate a little.
The man left the bedroom, a last look at the holo recording slate, crushed and bent, taking the the pair of saber with him…

==General information==

Name : Feya Delos
Gender : Female
Birthplace : Arda-2
Race : Human
Affiliation : None / Former Revanchist - Padawan
Age : 18
Build : Petite and athletic looking
Height : 5”4
Hair : Black / Shoulder Length
Eyes : Blues

== Notable skills==

  • Ataru style adept
  • Amateur engineer
  • Learnt some bases of Mando’a during the war.


3977 BBY [0]: Born on Arda-2, Daughter of Ladarr and Liana Delos both militia members.
3975 BBY [2]: Mandalorian Attack on Arda-2, Escape with refugees. Found orphan by Rant Tils on brought to Dantoinne. Became a initiate in the jedi order.
3971 BBY [11]: Succeed the initiate trials. Rant Tils choose her, She become his padawan.
3964 BBY [13]: Join the Revanchists with her master, joining the war against the neo-crusaders.
3960 BBY [17]: Left the Revanchists without her master, 4 days after the victory at Malachor V.
3959 BBY [18]: End up on Viscara, trying to figure herself out.