Finesse for Martial arts

As title, the unarmed martial arts and kamas could really benefit from finesse. As this is how it works in the base game and kamas especially tend to be a matter of finesse. Perhaps add dexterity damage at 0.25 as for lightsabers with charisma and blaster with dex.

Another argument for is that some martial arts are not about strength at all, but precise application of force or movement.

Blasters get 0.5 with dex, and the dex bonus on something that already gets a damage bonus from damage can snowball pretty hard. Blasters can get away with it somewhat since they don’t get damage from STR.

.25 for kamas or similar weapons seems fair in that case. Otherwise I think that any dex based fighter will trail behind way too hard.

I don’t think we need to buff MA with more damage.
Finesse would be good though

I agree Finesse would be good and then maybe add MA Exp when you use Chi, and maybe make Chi heal a little less random.

Maybe a few more MA weapons could be nice though. I want sais. Possibly energy or vibro ones. Hehe.
Also the cooldown on chi healing is enormous… so long compared to force heal. cries in martial arts specialization

So now that I am off work I can be more verbose.
Damage boosting on ma would be bad with.
It already gets str to damage giving it Dex would give it both its attack, ac, and damage stat to Dex, and then pile str damage ontop if it.
This is not good, especially when you figure in you can use a shield with it because these are one handed attacks.
As for finesse it makes sense and would be healthy.
For the massive ki cd, what is it with full cd reduction? And factor in the massive aoe heal it becomes later.

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Not sure yet. Will have to run a few tests on it. I know since my PC is a heavy armor specialist he gets enormous cooldown times in general. Would be worth it and interesting to play around with it using the different armor types on the test server, for sure!

Cooldown increase for heavy armor is only force powers.

But the cooldown reduction works for chi too?
What about electric fist?

Cooldown reduction works for everything with a cooldown.

Definitely something I ought to look into then, sounds like! TY!

Martial Finesse will be in the next release. Unsure about the other things discussed here. Need to mull it over.

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