Force Lore: Anti-Jedi Sentiments and Revanchists


Anti-Jedi sentiments centered around fear, mistrust, envy, or outright hatred of the Jedi Order. Just as with the Sith, many sentients of the galaxy feared them, and criticism developed from the fact that many common people did not understand the Jedi, their ability to use the Force, or their principles. Many of those outside of the Force equated them with the Sith and did not find them any better. The Jedi propensity for taking children away from their families at birth generated a large amount of controversy. In the current era, being only a year after the Mandalorian War and the general lack of assisting in the war (save for Revan’s followers, the Revanchists), distrust is quite high among the larger population of the galaxy, especially further out from the Core Worlds.


The Revanchists, also known as the Jedi Crusaders, were a renegade faction of the Jedi Order who assisted the Galactic Republic during the Mandalorian Wars. In 3964 BBY, the movement was founded by the Jedi Knight Revan, who wished to take a more proactive role against the invading Mandalorian Neo-Crusaders. Under Revan’s leadership, the Revanchist Jedi went against the Jedi Council’s wishes and participated in scouting missions on the Outer Rim. Although the Jedi Council did not give the Revanchists their full support, they begrudgingly allowed the Revanchists to join the Republic Military under the banner of a Republic Mercy Corps.

During the war, the Revanchists, under the leadership of Revan and his friend and fellow Jedi Knight Malak, led the Republic to victory in numerous battles. In 3960 BBY, the Jedi ultimately defeated the Mandalorians in the war’s final battle on Malachor V.

The Jedi who joined Revan experienced regular interaction with the Republic military, sharing the mess halls, battleships, and front lines. While the Revanchists were hailed as heroes by the Republic and its citizens, some of those Jedi abandoned the war when they saw how thoughtlessly Revan approached the dark side. Others were spies that were commissioned by the Jedi Council to report on Revan and his Jedi’s actions.

The Revanchists typically garbed themselves in traditional Jedi robes, which they supplemented with armor plating, similar to that worn by the Republic’s soldiers. Double-bladed lightsabers were in great vogue amongst the Revanchists, with many of the renegade Jedi taking advantage of the increased kill power afforded to them by the weapon’s twin blades.