H3-AL, Cyborg Combat Medic

What can be seen or scanned
This Human female cyborg has been augmented with the TraumaTeamCorp® “H” series MedCom package adding various medical scanners and tools to assist with battlefield trauma management and some physical upgrades to provide additional survivability.

The skeletal structure is augmented with proprietary composites that includes an endoskeleton of magnetically shielded sponge armoured within an iridio-steel alloy core.
This sponge contains conductive micro channels which allows for a high degree of auto-rechannelling in the event of the unit taking damage, this reduces the likelihood of component systems which are located at different points around the body from becoming cybernetically isolated.

Aesthetically the upgrade has the advantage of not requiring much by way of subdermal circuitry as the control filaments are contained within the endoskeleton, it was found that on the battlefield many wounded humanoids responded better to more organic representations as compared to the more obviously augmented.

One noted potential issue from the “H” series upgrade is the potential for cross pulsing of signals between the organic nerve structure and the inorganic sponge pathways.
This can lead to an instruction from the brain to be occasionally “twinned” meaning that the instruction will be acted on twice with a miniscule delay of action.
Obviously this could be catastrophic when attempting to cauterise a wound for example, fortunately the problem can be easily prevented by fine tuning the sponge sensitivity levels and moderating the output voltages of the neural impulses.

This is handled automatically in real time by a small subprocessor which gradually increases the subject’s control over the cybernetic components, it does however render the subject speech patterns somewhat stilted as the subprocessor moderates the strength of the emotional response.

Anyone meeting H3-AL will know she is not a “droid” even if she appears at first glance to speak in a stilted manner like many droids. Inevitably she acquired a nickname from her fellow soldiers that both mocked her in a camaraderie fashion for her “droid” like mannerisms and acknowledged the fact that she regularly heals their hurts. and so the moniker “H3-AL” or “Heal” was given to her.

//This is a work in progress and will be updated along the way, but I am not a star wars expert so I am very happy to take advice on making this better.

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